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fabric 010, originally uploaded by Indie House.

“One Yard Wonders” was a must have on my Christmas list this year and thankfully Santa was kind enought to oblige me. Of course the danger in getting any crafting book is that after the first perusal it will sit gathering dust on the bookshelf.

To prevent this I’ve decided to make at least five projects from this book in the next six months. It may not seem like a lot when you consider that there are 101 projects in the book but well here’s the deal. Like any other crafting/sewing book 1/3-2/3 of the projects are repeats of projects you can find in any other crafting/sewing book or find free instructions for online. There are slight variations of course but at some point an apron is an apron and a bag for laundry is just a laundry bag. When you buy a book like this you have to go into it realizing that and either the author’s style/concept or a few more original projects make the book worthwhile. For me it was the concept, I buy a lot of fabric that doesn’t match any other fabric I have because I’ve “fallen in love” with it. My default purchase is one yard because anything less seams like it won’t go very far.

My first project is the laptop sleeve. I’m traveling to Switzerland and Germany for work in a couple weeks and I want to protect my laptop for the journey.

laptop sleeve 035

I wanted something somewhat professional since this is a work trip so I used this bold black and white home decorate weight fabric from Alexander Henry. I don’t usually waste good fabric for the lining of a project and this was no exception, instead I used a purple/berry kona cotton. It’s jewel tone a nice counter point to the black and white print.

laptop sleeve 005

As I mentioned the concept of the book is a collection of projects using one yard of fabric but this project only took about 1/2 yard depending on the size of your laptop. I skipped the applique piece, which is what makes their laptop sleeve different but I didn’t really want a wiener dog decorating my work laptop sleeve.

The instructions in the pattern are concise and for the most part easy to follow. I got a bit tripped up trying to figure out if I was putting the right or wrong sides together but it’s easy enough to figure out.

laptop sleeve 009

This project was the first time I’ve ever dropped my feed dogs. I know it’s not a big deal to some people but for me it was a bit scary. I’ve always kept my feed dogs firmly in place and stuck to straight line quilting. My stitches are far from perfect but I can see improvement even over the course of this small project. Honestly, you can’t even see the quilting on the outside so it doesn’t really matter.

laptop sleeve 011

The only tricky part of this project for me was the double fold bias tape.

laptop sleeve 025

I don’t use it that often and the instructions in the book are sadly lacking. Most of these books have a small section at the front going into more detail about the specifc techniques used in the projects. I realize space is a premium and they can’t explain everything in detail in any book but I still think they could have done a better job. At a loss for guidance from the book I went to the internet and my favorite double fold bias tape tutorial from the Angry Chicken.

laptop sleeve 026

That accomplished my laptop sleeve was done!

laptop sleeve 027

The whole project only took a couple hours and I’m quite happy with my new laptop sleeve. It fits my computer nice and snuggly and will certainly protect it from getting banged around during my world travels. Next up I’m going to make a small drawstring pouch for the cord so it doesn’t get lost or tangled in my bag.

Don’t have the book but want to make a laptop sleeve? You can find free instructions from Sew, Mama, Sew here.

Want one but don’t want to make it yourself? You can buy one here.

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You can see a part of my next tutorial on the table but most of it is covered with the pieces for Butterick 5319.

My Next Summer Dress

I’m making the short sleeve version using a navy blue linen as the main color and the Alexander Henry print for the sash. I need to get working on this so I can wear it to my family reunion on the 1st of August.

Its hard to motivate myself to leave the couch when this one is feeling cuddly but I should have a new tutorial for you all tomorrow!

canonjuly09 191

What’s on your work table right now? Leave a link so everyone can check it out!

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I didn’t get a chance to work on my pincushions today because I got sidetracked fabric shopping. I travel a lot for work and when I do I try to make time to visit local quilt shops because you never know what you will find.

Today I scored Lush, Heather Ross, and American Jane Wee Play for around $9 a yard each. I bought 10 1/2 yards and had to stop myself. I almost bought the entire bolts of the Sky Painter’s Palette and Deer but I forced myself to behave.

They had some other hard to find fabrics and a lot of current prints that I love. It’s a good thing this store isn’t right down the street!

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Sunday Stash- In Crowd, originally uploaded by Indie House.

Let me tell you how lucky I am. I started collecting fabric in the past couple months and by then this fabric was already impossible to find. So although I loved it I gave up on the idea of ever getting any. Imagine my suprise when Alison contacted me to see if I would swap some of my birds for some Alexander Henry In Crowd. It took me about two seconds to say yes.

I had to wait a little bit longer for the fabric to make its way from London but it was well worth it. Now of course the question is what to do with it. I have a 1/2 yard so I could probably eek out a small purse or wrislet. What do you think?

Speaking of what to do with a certain amount of fabric have you heard of One Yard Wonders? It’s coming out in October and will have 101 projects for use with a single yard of fabric. Made by Rae has a pattern in it that I can’t wait to try.

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canonjuly09 081, originally uploaded by Indie House.

How fabulous is this skirt?!

So easy to dress up or down, for work or for play and the perfect slate for the bright accessories I like to wear.

Want to see more pictures and find out more about making it? Check out my full pattern review at Fashioned by Meg on Monday.

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Study Hall Skirt, originally uploaded by Indie House.

It seems like some of you may be a ready to move past quilt making and back to garment making so ask and you shall receive!

This weekend I saw a posting by Meg asking for pattern review volunteers. I immediately signed up after all I already had the pattern, fabric and notions and now I would have the motivation to finally get it done. We settled on mid-July to post the review on her blog but it looks like I will be traveling fairly extensively for work starting next week so I need to get this finished before then. Once it’s done Meg can post at her leisure (don’t worry though I’ll let you know when it’s up).

If you are interesting in reviewing a pattern it looks like she is still looking for volunteers.

I can already tell you the Study Hall Skirt is going to be more involved than any skirt I’ve completed in the past. There are nine pattern pieces and almost every pattern piece corresponds to two pieces of fabric.

canonjuly09 002

Once you get it all cut out the next step is to zig zag or serge three sides of almost every piece. That step alone took 20-30 minutes!

It will be worth it the end though, how cute is this one?!

study hall skirt, originally uploaded by sofia sweetheart.

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Bento Box Top Complete, originally uploaded by Shear Delight.

The top is done! I’m really glad that I went ahead and made four boxes to put together. Although it’s a rather large “playmat” now you appreciate the green element of the quilt and how it moves around. I got the idea from Amanda Jean when she was making this pattern. In her quilt she was using dark brown as an accent color, originally she was on the fence about it and asked for input. I loved the way the darker color stuck out and helped the eye move around the quilt so I knew I would do that in my own design.

I’ve already purchased the backing fabric but ran out of time last time to sew it together. Hopefully I can finish tonight and perhaps get it sandwiched but I’m not making any promises ;)

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Beginning of the Bento Box, originally uploaded by Shear Delight.

Bento box quilts seem to be quite popular lately and I’m hardly immune to the hype. But I wanted mine to be a little different. I prefer large scale prints that wouldn’t work with the normal dimensions of this pattern. So I doubled the size of the templates and went from there. (Whenever you do this keep in mind doubling the size of a template also doubles the size of the seam allowance so make sure you subtract 1/4 in from all sides before cutting your fabric).

Now the blocks are the perfect size to showcase the prints I have chosen.

canonjune09 131

I thought that a single box (four of the blocks above) would make a nice sized baby play mat but J. says it’s a little small.

canonjune09 133

As is it measures 32 inches by 32 inches. Do you think if I added a border I could leave it alone or is it still too small?

I went ahead and started cutting out more fabric so I could put four boxes together for a really large play mat or smallish quilt. Here is the start of the second block.

Second Block of Bento Box Quilt

I’m obviously a big fan of hot pink and lime green now I just need find someone else who likes the combination as much as me to use this :)

I had to stop because I ran out of white fabric but everything else is cut out and ready to go. Tomorrow I’ll buy the rest of the white fabric I need and pick out a backing fabric. I should be able to get the top done tomorrow night then its a matter of motivating myself to sandwich and quilt it!

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canonjune09 067

I’m in Canda this week for work but I managed to squeeze in one more project before flying out on Monday. I rarely sit down and finish an entire project in one sitting but I imagine this would only take an hour or so if you focused on it. It took me about half a day but I also cleaned, watched TV, surfed the internet etc.

I fell in love with this fabric a couple months ago but only purchased a 1/4 yard since I didn’t know what I would actually use it for. That quarter yard was then cut up and turned into applique for my Birdie Sling and I loved it even more so I decided to order a couple yards :). I was afraid that this pattern would overwhelm me so I chose this simple halter to let the print shine but not become “too much.” The rest is going to become a sash for a yet to be made navy blue linen dress.

The directions are super simple for even the most beginner of beginners.

canonjune09 070

The only complicated part was making the darts as this was the first time I had done so.

canonjune09 071

I poked a hole through the paper pattern and all four pieces instead of attempting to transfer the marks to each piece individually. It was a little hard to see the poke holes on the last piece but still more accurate then the alternative.

canonjune09 072

The top pin goes straight in but the bottom pin goes in one side and out the other and you bring the two sides together by sliding the fabric along the pin.

canonjune09 073

Then draw a line connecting the two pin heads to form a triangle.

canonjune09 074

Sew along this line backstitching at the beginning and end. The instructions say to pin this but I didn’t find it necessary.

canonjune09 075

This is what they look like before pressing.

canonjune09 081

One of the last steps is attaching the zipper and I got confused when looking at the diagram because it’s oriented as if you have the fabric right side down when in reality you want the right side up.

Amy Bulter Cabo Halter

I made a size small and didn’t need to make any adjustments to get a nice form fitted look. Please note that the top does bow away from your bust because the ties are straight. I knew this would happen and you can see it on the cover model but I didn’t feel like messing with the pattern to fix it. If you cut the inside line of the straps in a curve you would get a better fit.

I may take the straps to the back as opposed to tying it so that I get a more versatile look- I want to wear this under a cardigan and not look like I’m wearing a summer top. It may just be me but I think tied neck designs like this are very informal and summery but I want clothes that can also be dressed up to be worn either to work or at least in other seasons.

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I started to think about what I’m going to do for my coaster swap and as I was looking through my stash I found all of these. Who knew I had so many black and white prints by Alexander Henry and what exactly am I going to do with them?

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