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Toy Swap

Birthday dog, originally uploaded by Okaggi.

I found this swap awhile ago and planned on participating but lost the link. Thankfully I stumbled on another blog that linked to it so I could join.

The idea is this:

“A swap of handmade children’s goods with associated blogging and Flickr posting of our creative process and end results. Each person would make a handmade item; a doll, a dress, whatever it might be, and send it off to a fellow maker. We would each also document the process of making and share these pictures on Flickr and our personal blogs. We could share this with friends, family, co-workers and anyone who might be willing to look and listen. Perhaps you might even give the item that you receive in the swap away as a gift to a child or a family who could benefit from a bit more exposure to handmade goodness.”

It’s a great lesson to everyone to cherish the individuality, creativity, and love those goes into each hand crafted toy.

If you’d like you can join too!

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