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I keep falling in love with patterns that require ALOT of fabric. First it was the color wheel and now the Single Girl, I just can’t help myself. I did learn my lesson with the color wheel- don’t attempt to purchase 3o-40 fabrics all at once. I have fabric that I don’t really like and don’t know what to do with. In fact those napkins were made from fabric I bought on a “bender” for an all blue color wheel (but don’t tell my mother or heaven forbid mother-in-law that!).
I was inspired by this quilt

Double Wedding Ring blocks, originally uploaded by the workroom.

She’s making a double wedding ring quilt but you can see from the picture above how beautiful it would be as a Single Girl. (And yes I realize I’m totally stealing her quilt…) Honestly until I saw her design I never would have thought to use a subtle design as a background fabric. By itself, it’s a little plain jane, but as a backdrop for the pops of brighter colors and more modern designs I adore it.
In addition to the background fabric I’m also going to use some Neptune (but only the aqua colorway) and some Good Folks. I’ve already added to that some Lecien My Folklore and Tina Givens. Instead of red I want to have more fushias and pinks and deep purple. I’m also going to add shot cottons in each of the major colors, right now I’m thinking aqua, deep purple, and deep pink. I’ve got ten fabrics down and twenty five more to go… But this time I’m doing it slowly. In the meantime I can perfect my piecing and my curve sewing.

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