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Interfacing, originally uploaded by Liesl M.


I’d love to complete a craft project a day and post a photo tutorial for it but alas I have a day job. Posting links to other tutorials is a great way to provide great content, highlight other bloggers, and still post on a regular basis. But I’ve decided that I don’t want to just link to any tutorial, I only want to post links to tutorials that offer a lot of pictures to highlight the content. If a tutorial has a lot of great content but not a lot of great photos then I will still link to it but I’ll post pictures highlight the key points here.

When I made my Amy Butler Sling it was the first time I used fusible interfacing and I really didn’t like it. I knew part of the reason I was unhappy with my results was my own fault. I tried dry ironing, a damp cloth, a damper cloth, and changed my heat setting but I never found a good method. I guess I should have looked for this tutorial before I started my bag! The main difference is that Pink Chalk uses a thin piece of cotton as a pressing cloth (I was using a washcloth) and a spray bottle to to keep it damp (I was getting it wet and then wringing it out).

When you read through the tutorial and accompanying comments you will see that people still have different techniques and that some bubbling is almost inevitable when using fusible interfacing (which is rather disappointing). For future bag making I’m definitely going to skip using it on the exterior fabric but keep it on the interior.


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