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IMG_3371, originally uploaded by Shear Delight.

Have you heard about the 1st Annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival yet? In case you haven’t I thought I should let you know it’s kind of a big deal 😉

I wasn’t going to enter at first thinking that the quilt I did for my husband was my favorite (of the two I’ve completed) and I just blogged about that one. But I realize that this quilt (still unfinished as you can see) is actually my favorite. Binding it got put off when my husband informed me a couple weeks before his birthday that he wanted his own quilt. I managed to finish quilting this one before switching gears, unfortunately immediately after finishing my husband’s quilt I didn’t switch back! I started on a birthday quilt for my sister (it needs to be finished by May 9th) and started and finished the Amy Butler Birdie Sling for myself. But this quilt, in my two favorite colors, is patiently waiting to be finished. I made it to be used but I’m thinking about hanging it up in my home office to cheer me up in the middle of a gloomy day of work.


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