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Hot Pink Cross Quilt, originally uploaded by betty_whoosh.

I’ve decided that Flickr is a gateway drug (stay with me here). I first signed up in 2005 when I was deployed to Iraq so that I could upload photos and send the link to my family. It was infinitely faster and easier than trying to send large photo files over a crappy internet connection. When I got back from Iraq I continued to update it for family and friends and use it as another back up for my photos.

I didn’t do anything else on Flickr until a year ago when I realized that I could save other people’s photos and join photo pools- oh the inspiration! I started joining more pools and participating in photo contests and scavengers hunts and then I realized I could use it to blog. I’m not big into html language and CSS blah, blah, blah so the “add to blog” is pretty much my favorite feature of Flickr.

I plataued for awhile until I started hearing about these “virtual quilting bees.” At the time I had no idea what that meant but a little Googling later and I realized that these were groups of men and women located all over the world swapping fabric and creating quilt blocks for one another- I had to get in on one. Well I missed out on one and then another and then another and in frustration and perhaps a little desperation I decided to start my own. That meant posting a discussion topic, forming a new pool, and being the administrator for said pool. These were all things I had never explored before and I honestly I didn’t realize that anyone could start their own pool and that pools were all started by someone that just decided to do it and started talking to people and collecting pictures and they grow from there.

Having successfully started one pool for my quilting bee I decided to start another for solid colored quilts. I’ve been searching for them on Flickr for awhile and while I realize that they aren’t super popular I’m still surprised that there isn’t already a group for them. Starting this group is a lot harder because now I need to advertise it, get people excited to join and post photos of their quilts there. I spent hours last night trolling other quilting groups looking for solid (and mostly solid) colored quilts to invite to post to my pool. A couple hours of work led to 7 new members and 10 quilts but it’s a start! I now have a new task to add to my daily schedule!
So if you’ve got a solid colored quilt or you’d like to see some solid colored quilts head on over.

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