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Barcelona Skirt, originally uploaded by Shear Delight.

I know I owe you a tutorial, I mean that is the point of this blog but I made a couple changes to the skirt and I like the result I just need to duplicate it before I start sharing.


In addition to hemming it which I think makes a huge difference in the overall look I also took 2 1/2 inches off the top so it would sit at what I call my waist versus my actual waist.

I think the look is younger and personally more flattering. I love it! And I think he does too


or perhaps he’s looking up my skirt- how rude!

I’m going to make another one soon and after that I’ll post a tutorial. In the meantime I need to get back to cleaning up my sewing table. My goal this weekend is to finish my coaster swap coasters and to start and finish a new dress.

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