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canonjuly09 149, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I think I’m in love with my pincushions..

canonjuly09 148

I made Hettie using the directions and template you can download here. If you are new to sewing felt I highly recommend Futuregirl’s post on just about everything you need to know about the blanket stitch.

canonjuly09 128

She’s cute but without something to stabilize her she tends to wobble. Perhaps she’s been sneaking cookies when I’m not looking? The other “issue” I have is that hedgehogs are two toned and the pattern is designed to use a single color for the entire body.

I easily rectified that by drawing a curved line on the template to separate the face and body.

canonjuly09 129

I cut them apart and used a tan felt for Harry’s face and dark brown for his body.

canonjuly09 132

Then I cut out a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than his bottom piece to help him stand up straight.

canonjuly09 150

Don’t tell Hettie but I like Harry a bit more. I’m not done with either of them yet so stay tuned to see what really sets these two apart from the other pincushions at the party. Update Hettie is done- see what completes her here.

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