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Finally got around to helping Hettie fly! Pincushions are great but they take up valuable space on my sewing and cutting table and either seem to be constantly in my way or nowhere around. The perfect solution is my very own sewing buddy to hang out on wrist and carry my pincushions for me. This way I can skip between projects or rooms of the house without worrying where I left my pins and needles.

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If you want to make your own here’s how-

You will need:

Fabric scraps roughly 9 inches by 3 inches.
Interfacing or batting. (I used nonfusible fleece)
Coordinating Thread
Turning Tool
Velcro, snaps, buttons etc to keep the wrist band closed (I used velcro)

Step 1) Choose your fabric

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Step 2) Cut the fabric and interfacing/batting using your own wrist and preferred width of the band as a guide. Keep in mind you are going to lose 1/4 in on all sides for the seam allowance and you want the band to overlap to secure it. Mine measured 8 1/2 inches by 3 inches.

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Step 3) Sandwich the fabric together interfacing on the bottom, exterior fabric right side up on top of that, and exterior fabric right side down on top of that. Using a 1/4 in seam sew around 3 sides.

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Step 4) Cut off the edges of the sewn corners and turn your fabric right side out. Tuck the open edge in a little more than a 1/4 inch.

canonjuly09 172

Step 5) Topstitch a 1/4 inch around all four sides.

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Step 6) Optional add some quilting to add interest.

Step 7) Add velcro strips. You can purchase heat set velcro but I would recommend the sew on kind for added durability.

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Step 8 ) Pin your pincushion in place centered on the band.

canonjuly09 175

Step 9) Whipstitch or ladder stitch around the bottom edge of the pincushion to attach it to the wristband.

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Your done! I made my hedgehog into a pincushion but your kids may consider these great traveling buddies.

*** PERSONAL USE ONLY – do not sell items made using this tutorial. ***
Make them for as many people as you like, but please do not sell these.


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