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final nesting spot, originally uploaded by annaleahart.

You know these birds right? They’ve been floating around blogland for over a year now and the pattern can be found for free here.

And while they are cute you may be asking yourself what you would do with them after you’ve made your own flock (because really could you make just one?) So here are ten creative ways to make those birds earn their keep.

1. Holiday Ornament. Probably the most common use of the birds they don’t have to be restricted to the Christmas tree they can also be used to celebrate Easter or Valentine’s Day.

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2. Mobile. This is probably the second most common use for these birds and you can see quite a few examples here.

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3. Wall Art aka a more grown up version of a mobile. I really like this idea and would like to make one for my own dining room.

4. Centerpiece or mantle decoration. Is your vase of bare branches looking a little bare dress it up with some birds.

Originally uploaded by lorelei-for-kids





5. Cat Toy. When stuffing add a little catnip and you will be your cats new best friend. It’s best to use a more durable fabric and double stitch so your cat doesn’t tear its new toy apart.

6. Lavender Sachet. Along the same lines add lavender and let your bird sweeten up your drawers.

7. Wreath. Spruce up your door everyday of the year with this cute fabric wreath.

Originally uploaded by Holland Fabric House







8. Cake Topper. How cute would these two look on top of a wedding cake and you can customize them for any color or style!

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9. Paper weight. Add some rice to your bird and he can hold down your important documents.

10. Pincushion. How cute would one of these guys look sewn to a wristband?

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Can you think of anything I missed?

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