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You can see a part of my next tutorial on the table but most of it is covered with the pieces for Butterick 5319.

My Next Summer Dress

I’m making the short sleeve version using a navy blue linen as the main color and the Alexander Henry print for the sash. I need to get working on this so I can wear it to my family reunion on the 1st of August.

Its hard to motivate myself to leave the couch when this one is feeling cuddly but I should have a new tutorial for you all tomorrow!

canonjuly09 191

What’s on your work table right now? Leave a link so everyone can check it out!


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final nesting spot, originally uploaded by annaleahart.

You know these birds right? They’ve been floating around blogland for over a year now and the pattern can be found for free here.

And while they are cute you may be asking yourself what you would do with them after you’ve made your own flock (because really could you make just one?) So here are ten creative ways to make those birds earn their keep.

1. Holiday Ornament. Probably the most common use of the birds they don’t have to be restricted to the Christmas tree they can also be used to celebrate Easter or Valentine’s Day.

Originally uploaded by Peapods




2. Mobile. This is probably the second most common use for these birds and you can see quite a few examples here.

Originally uploaded by Craft & Creativity








3. Wall Art aka a more grown up version of a mobile. I really like this idea and would like to make one for my own dining room.

4. Centerpiece or mantle decoration. Is your vase of bare branches looking a little bare dress it up with some birds.

Originally uploaded by lorelei-for-kids





5. Cat Toy. When stuffing add a little catnip and you will be your cats new best friend. It’s best to use a more durable fabric and double stitch so your cat doesn’t tear its new toy apart.

6. Lavender Sachet. Along the same lines add lavender and let your bird sweeten up your drawers.

7. Wreath. Spruce up your door everyday of the year with this cute fabric wreath.

Originally uploaded by Holland Fabric House







8. Cake Topper. How cute would these two look on top of a wedding cake and you can customize them for any color or style!

Originally uploaded by spoolsewing





9. Paper weight. Add some rice to your bird and he can hold down your important documents.

10. Pincushion. How cute would one of these guys look sewn to a wristband?

Originally uploaded by melingo wagamama





Can you think of anything I missed?

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For Swap- Munki Munki, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I guess it was over a month ago now that a rumor started to circulate on the internet that Munki Munki prints could be found (in pajama form) at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I searched all the stores near me and came up with nothing and despite the people who claimed success I began to suspect it was a bit of an urban legend. I even drug my husband to these stores while on vacation hoping that if Munki Munki wasn’t in Pennsylvania that it could be in found in Virginia or North Carolina. We still came up empty handed and I kind of gave up hope.

But last week I won a contest at Sew, Mama, Sew and I thought perhaps my luck had changed. So when I came across another Marshalls while traveling for work I knew I had to go in. Imagine my suprise when I actually did find Munki, Munki! I didn’t find the coveted Martians but I did find these cats in a pair of size large PJs on clearance for only $10.00. There is roughly a yard of fabric in them so this makes them reasonably priced all things considered. I plan on keeping one leg and swapping the other. The front half of one leg is gone but I still have one half of one leg to swap if anyone is interested.

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canonjuly09 179, originally uploaded by Indie House.

Finally got around to helping Hettie fly! Pincushions are great but they take up valuable space on my sewing and cutting table and either seem to be constantly in my way or nowhere around. The perfect solution is my very own sewing buddy to hang out on wrist and carry my pincushions for me. This way I can skip between projects or rooms of the house without worrying where I left my pins and needles.

canonjuly09 178

If you want to make your own here’s how-

You will need:

Fabric scraps roughly 9 inches by 3 inches.
Interfacing or batting. (I used nonfusible fleece)
Coordinating Thread
Turning Tool
Velcro, snaps, buttons etc to keep the wrist band closed (I used velcro)

Step 1) Choose your fabric

canonjuly09 166

Step 2) Cut the fabric and interfacing/batting using your own wrist and preferred width of the band as a guide. Keep in mind you are going to lose 1/4 in on all sides for the seam allowance and you want the band to overlap to secure it. Mine measured 8 1/2 inches by 3 inches.

canonjuly09 167

Step 3) Sandwich the fabric together interfacing on the bottom, exterior fabric right side up on top of that, and exterior fabric right side down on top of that. Using a 1/4 in seam sew around 3 sides.

canonjuly09 168

Step 4) Cut off the edges of the sewn corners and turn your fabric right side out. Tuck the open edge in a little more than a 1/4 inch.

canonjuly09 172

Step 5) Topstitch a 1/4 inch around all four sides.

canonjuly09 173

Step 6) Optional add some quilting to add interest.

Step 7) Add velcro strips. You can purchase heat set velcro but I would recommend the sew on kind for added durability.

canonjuly09 174

Step 8 ) Pin your pincushion in place centered on the band.

canonjuly09 175

Step 9) Whipstitch or ladder stitch around the bottom edge of the pincushion to attach it to the wristband.

canonjuly09 176

Your done! I made my hedgehog into a pincushion but your kids may consider these great traveling buddies.

*** PERSONAL USE ONLY – do not sell items made using this tutorial. ***
Make them for as many people as you like, but please do not sell these.

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I didn’t get a chance to work on my pincushions today because I got sidetracked fabric shopping. I travel a lot for work and when I do I try to make time to visit local quilt shops because you never know what you will find.

Today I scored Lush, Heather Ross, and American Jane Wee Play for around $9 a yard each. I bought 10 1/2 yards and had to stop myself. I almost bought the entire bolts of the Sky Painter’s Palette and Deer but I forced myself to behave.

They had some other hard to find fabrics and a lot of current prints that I love. It’s a good thing this store isn’t right down the street!

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canonjuly09 149, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I think I’m in love with my pincushions..

canonjuly09 148

I made Hettie using the directions and template you can download here. If you are new to sewing felt I highly recommend Futuregirl’s post on just about everything you need to know about the blanket stitch.

canonjuly09 128

She’s cute but without something to stabilize her she tends to wobble. Perhaps she’s been sneaking cookies when I’m not looking? The other “issue” I have is that hedgehogs are two toned and the pattern is designed to use a single color for the entire body.

I easily rectified that by drawing a curved line on the template to separate the face and body.

canonjuly09 129

I cut them apart and used a tan felt for Harry’s face and dark brown for his body.

canonjuly09 132

Then I cut out a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than his bottom piece to help him stand up straight.

canonjuly09 150

Don’t tell Hettie but I like Harry a bit more. I’m not done with either of them yet so stay tuned to see what really sets these two apart from the other pincushions at the party. Update Hettie is done- see what completes her here.

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It’s hard not to be impressed by quilts like this that touch on every color in the spectrum but it’s daunting to think about recreating one. There are 52 different fabrics called for in this pattern (53 if you include the white) and I have collected six so far.

canonjuly09 120

I obviously have a ways to go… but I’m so excited to get started that I went ahead and cut out these spokes. It also “frees up” the remaining fabric from these prints for another project. I don’t know about you but if I want to use a fabric for a specific project I have to seperate it immediately even if I know I won’t actually make the project for weeks or months. Otherwise I know that I will accidentally grab it, use it in something else, and be severly disappointed when I realize what I’ve done. With a fabric that is currently in stores that’s not such a big deal but if the fabric is hard to find or out of print it could be devastating.

I have no idea how long it will take me to find 46 more fabrics so for now I’m going to be inspired by these examples of color spectrum quilts.

Rainbow baby quilt, originally uploaded by kicsoda.

Do you have a favorite color wheel or color spectrum project? Please post the link so we can all be inspired!

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