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Bee Modern January, originally uploaded by Indie House.

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wild thyme, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I’m still debating whether or not to buy more of the prints in this line. These are my favorite but if I wanted to make a quilt out of them I’d want more variety. Hmm…

You can see more stashes here

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Quilting on Tree Skirt, originally uploaded by mamacjt.

Every year my stepmom asks us for a list of stocking stuffer ideas and every year I’m at a total loss. What she wants is a list of cute, cheap, and useful gifts that we would appreciate. I usually end up asking for candy for lack of better inspiration. But as I cruised the local quilting shop with my sister yesterday inspiration struck.

1. Pins- can you ever really have enough?

2. Pincushions- there are endless choices that combine functionality with art

3. Rotary Cutter Blades- This won’t make me swoon with delight but I’ll adore the giver when I’m in the middle of a project and need a new blade.

4. Sewing Machine Needles- Same as above but you could dress them up a bit by giving them in a custom needlebook.

5. Quality Shears or have theirs professionally sharpened.

6. Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Honeybuns (no I’m not talking about food) or a gift card for his/her favorite fabric shop.

7. Quilt pattern or template piece. I’ve been dying to try a hex quilt and keep picking up and putting down the template pieces at the fabric store. I don’t need it but I’d love to have it.

8. Quilting Gloves. I’m personally terrified of stippling or anything other than straight line quilting because I’m afraid I won’t be able to move the fabric evenly. Everyone seems to agree that quilting gloves really aid in the smooth movement of the quilt through the machine.

9. Electric Quilt 6. Not exactly cheap but it’s supposed to be incredibly powerful and cool

10. Sewing feet. My favorite is my 1/4 in guide foot. But also handy would be a clear foot or a darning foot.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Please share!

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Whirly Giggle Action, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I finally had some time this weekend to get started on my Red Letter Day quilt. I had a slow start because this guy kept interfering.

red letter day 005

What is it about quilts in progress that is so attractive to cats? In our Philly house I had a room I could use to layout quilts away from the cats but in an 800 sq ft apartment the living room is the only place I can work which makes it a cat free for all. I ended up staying up late last night to finish the second row so that the cats couldn’t send the fabric all over the room during the night.

Today, when I put the decorations on our Christmas tree I was happy to learn that trees are more attractive then quilts so hopefully I can work in peace.

red letter day 013

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quiting bee blocks 004, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I’ve decided to try paper piecing. I’ve been simultaneously captivated by and afraid of this block since I first saw it on another blog. I never would have tried it accept I’m slightly more afraid of piecing circles 😉

This month’s task for Bee Modern was to make “hug” blocks and “kiss” blocks and I ended up using triangles for both.

Kisses Bee Modern December

The “kiss” took some finessing but I’ve made zig zags before so I wasn’t totally out of my element.

Originally I was going to simply applique rings onto a solid block but I didn’t have a piece of fabric large enough to serve as the base for the block so I decided to go ahead and give paper piecing a shot.

quiting bee blocks 002

It took me three tries to get one finished block. I kept underestimating the size of fabric needed for each section in a vain attempt to prevent fabric waste. After that I made sure to cut extra large pieces, I wasted more fabric but I saved my own sanity. Ideally I would have used the same solid for the entire background but I didn’t have enough (even before my multiple messups) so I made do with what I had and it ended up much more of a collage then I intended. I still like it and I’m quite proud of my accomplishment!

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