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So it begins…, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I had a short but fruitful “career” as a pajama hunter but then the “game” dissappeared. They seem to have migrated west of me but it’s hard to say. These pajamas can prove to be quite elusive. The fact that I had spent $100s on pajamas had nothing to do with me getting out the hunt…

Since purchasing these pajamas have sat in a plastic box in the garage. I think I could have been charged with fabric abuse! So today this set at least were liberated from the box to meet their maker aka the sewing shears.

fabric 001

Now I’m going to fussy cut 5 inch squares featuring the bikes to turn into a wonky star quilt. Of course I’m still waiting for the solid fabrics I’m using as the points of the star and background to arrive. But hopefully they will show up tomorrow. Until then I need to finish binding my whirlygig quilt.


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