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Binding Queen, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I can’t believe I got this done so fast! I actually finished it a couple days ago which was great timing since I got sick and spent the next couple days under it! I LOVE this quilt. I’m going to call it “Rainy Day Sunshine” because no matter how gloomy the day is this bright cheery quilt cheers me up.

This is the largest quilt I’ve ever made 65″ X 93″ so its about the same size as twin x-long comforter. This way its large enough for my husband, my cats, and I to share :). Because it’s so large I stuck with straight line quilting and I’m not in love with the overall look. I did alternating single lines and triple lines going diagonally across the quilt in two directions. I really like the triple lines but feel like the single lines get lost in the quilt… Oh well you live and learn.

Cream Flannel Back

The back is a plain cream flannel, perfect for curling up under on a cold winter day! The binding is Ash Gray Kona Cotton and I think they both complement the quilt without overwhelming it or making it all seem too busy.

And though most of the work was done on this in 2009 I’m calling this my first finish of 2010 🙂

If you want to make your own you can find a tutorial here. Keep in mind while this is a simple design with only one pattern piece it’s a bit tedious because you have to keep trimming it to keep it square.

The first two pieces go together perfectly to make a square but then to make the four squares make a single “whirly gig” you have to trim them down.

Here is how the first to blocks look before you trim them-

red letter day 002

After you create two rectangle you have to trim them down to create a square-

red letter day 003

Only after all that trimming do you get a square-

red letter day 009

Like I said not hard but definitely time intensive!


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