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PA Farm Show, originally uploaded by Indie House.

For the first the time in months my husband, J., has the weekend off so we decided to get out and soak up some local culture. The annual Pennsylvania Farm Show is a big draw around here and we couldn’t miss our chance to see this years butter sculpture.

fabric 090

Honestly, livestock shows aren’t my thing and I felt bad for the exhibitors that were obviously sleeping beside their animals for the week long show. But even I was charmed by the sheep and goats.

These ladies are obviously ready for jazzercise. In addition to their spandex body suits their leg hair was long enough (despite their shorn state) to qualify as leg warmers.

fabric 024

Not everyone was in as good a shape, I think this lady was to lazy to exercise and no longer fits in her suit!

fabric 031

And then there were these sheep. Something definitely came to mind when I saw them but I thought myself a bit racist for thinking it….

fabric 039

While the sheep were rather blase about getting their picture taken the goats were all about it.

fabric 072

fabric 063

The other “major attraction” for me was the food court. We had maple frozen yogurt (yum), maple cotton candy (double yum) and a plain potato donut (who knew that would be yum?). I was disappointed in the vendors, I thought there would be more crafters but instead there were a lot of corporate vendors. Oh well, it was still something fun to do for a couple hours.

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