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Clayton Homes I-House, originally uploaded by GreenBuildingTalk.

One day my husband and I would like to buy some land a build our little “green dream” home. It’s going to take a couple years and the selling of our house in NC to accomplish but in the meantime I can plot and plan. I thought I would share what I’ve found in case anyone else is curious about the options out there.

Driving down the highway coming back from NC I caught a glimpse of a Clayton I-Home. I couldn’t see much detail as my husband was flooring it in a desperate attempt to get home before gridlock hit. Visually I love the look of the I-House. It’s got clean lines and a modern feel to it. And while it doesn’t have a tower (my dream home would have a tower that I could use as a quilting studio) it does have a rooftop deck. The one bedroom design comes in at just under 1000 sq feet but it feels a little too small. The clothes washer and dryer are beside the fridge and there is no room for a dining room table. So if we went for it we would go for the two bedroom unit that has a utility/laundry room. The flex unit (which also has it’s own bathroom) would be used as a quilting studio 🙂 and my husband would have a detached garage/woodworking shop.

Of course we wonder how green the I-home is. The roof is designed for rain catchment and solar panels but I’m not sure how green the building materials are, besides the bamboo flooring they advertise. Since it’s a prefabricated home they can maximize whatever materials they use and supposedly have minimized waste to a couple trash cans! The price is right for us, $100,000 complete with fixtures, appliances etc but ultimately I think I would want more control over the final design details like flooring, cabinets, appliances, fixtures etc. Hmmm perhaps this isn’t our green dream home but it certainly is cool!


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