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I don’t often find myself wandering around a department store but I had gone in search of a couple of kitchen gadgets. Coming up empty handed I decided to see what else the store had and ended up in the bedding section. I’d been wanting to get new bedding for a couple years and thought that I would make the quilts myself but I could never decide what fabric and pattern to use. I finally figured out that what I really wanted was a solid colored quilt with eleborate quilting but it would cost more than I could afford to have that done by a longarm quilter. So I was thrilled when I found this quilt at the store.

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It’s exactly what I wanted! We also bought new sheets, a duvet, a duvet cover and solid gray quilt with geometric quilting on it. I love the combination of the grays and purples. The sheets are heaven and I finally feel like the bedroom is coming together.

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I started on a quilt for my nephew, Emmerson, this week. I’m using Castle Peeps, Far Far Away and Kona Cottons. The color scheme is blue, gray, and yellow. I liked the colors and fabrics stacked together but now that I’ve started sewing I’m thinking the yellow is too vibrant for everything else…. hmmm….

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I was gone for quite awhile from my little corner of the blogosphere… I had a lot of personal stuff to deal with and sort through that I don’t want to share here but needless to say it needed to be done. I had to prioritize my time and effort and this just didn’t make the list. But time goes on and life has settled back down a bit and I’ve found my way back.

This is not my baby and I wasn’t gone because I was pregnant, this is one of my two new nephews. My sisters got pregnant and delivered three weeks apart. For months the fabric for this quilt sat neglected in a drawer untouched. But with the birth of my second nephew I knew that the time had come to get this done.

The fabrics were chosen by my step-mom to coordinate with her living room. The quilt is destined for the family cradle where all the grandchildren will spend time while visiting my step-mom and father. That was quite a bit of pressure which is why I deferred to my step-mom for the fabric choices and amounts.

I based this quilt on the Hop, Skip, Jump pattern from Denyse Schmidt. I had seen a number of quilts done in this style and so with that in mind I started cutting. I knew I wanted it to end up roughly receiving quilt sized but after getting a couple rows sewn together I decided that was too thin and then I started to run out of fabrics so I dug into to my stash and found the binding fabric (Kona Cotton Champagne). Ultimately I love how it looks with the solid colored fabric framing it out and then the pop of color on the binding. The quilt is backed with a piece of fleece and I skipped the batting since its so very hot where my nephews live. The simple design made the whole project go by swiftly, the whole project from cutting to binding only took four days and could have been done in about 8 hours if I had been able to spend a whole day on it.

Now that this quilt is done I need to make individual quilts for each of my nephews… I’m thinking a cross quilt with a guitar fabric from Michael Miller for one nephew and a Heather Ross/Lizzy House fairytale (but still manly) quilt for my other.

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