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20101025 004

I promised myself when I finished the Flying Geese Quilt that I would start working on my Single Girl Quilt again. I had cut most of the fabric pieces for the arches weeks ago but hadn’t touched it since. Friday I finished cutting the pieces for the arches and started to sew them together. Saturday I finished piecing the arches together and started cutting the inner and outer background pieces. Since I had to cut out 48 of each I alternated between cutting the background pieces out and starting to assemble the quarter ring blocks.

Sunday I pieced together 12 quarter ring blocks and 24 arches to their inner background piece. You would not believe how long it takes to pin each arch to the background pieces! I had some puckering which was frustrating but I pressed on (literally, I stopped sewing and switched to ironing). I love how the rings look as they come together and I adore the background fabric I found but I’m starting to wonder about the sizing. I decided to make the twin sized quilt which is three rings wide by four rings long with a small border on the top and bottom. But as I look at one partially pieced ring it just doesn’t look like it is going to be wide enough…. I thought about going back and cutting more pieces to make it queen sized but the thought of cutting out 128 more pieces for the arches is just too daunting.

My original goal was to have this whole top pieced this weekend but the pinning really slowed me down so now I’m shooting to have it assmebled by Friday.

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