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I had to pack up my Single Girl Quilt for now, it just wasn’t coming together the way it should and I really need to pull out the seam ripper. I’m not feeling up to it so I packed it back up and decided to switch gears.

I already made my sister an apron for Christmas but a single apron, no matter how cool, is not enough of a gift in my mind. Since she’s trying to eat healthy and brings her lunch to work I thought a lunch bag was in order. The pattern is called the Simple Bag and it is from “Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.” It was designed to show off large scale modern prints and I have to say it does so beautifully. My sister loves large black and white graphic prints and I love how these two go together.

It’s a little larger than your average lunch bag but it is tall enough to hold a reusable water bottle and a book or a magazine to peruse when she has a break at work. Although not nearly as robust or large as Amy Butler’s Everyday Shopper between the home decorator weight inner and outer fabric this bag can handle lunch, a trip to the library or a small trip to the store with no trouble.

The whole project took less than an hour to complete and I really love the look of it. The example in the book uses contrasting upper and lower fabrics and I actually think the contrast would be more appealing then the single color scheme I chose. But I made this for my sister so I chose the fabric and design I know she will love best. This bag will also serve as the “wrapping” for her apron so I can put it under the Christmas tree without giving away the suprise inside :).

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