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18 apr 11 008

Here is the start of the reverse side of my modern meadow wheel quilt. I’m pretty excited to see it come together, not quite so excite about cutting 210 7 inch squares. This one may take me awhile….

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18 apr 11 002

Depending on my schedule I will try and find local quilt shops when I travel for work, unfortunately I haven’t had the time for the past couple months and I almost didn’t stop this time. But I had noticed Quilter’s Way on as I was driving to my appointment and knew I would have to drive past it again on my way out of town. I figured that was just to convenient to pass up!

When I went inside I was in heaven! I’ve never even been in a brick and mortar quilt shop that carried Echino before! They also had a nice selection of Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler and the more “modern” Moda lines like It’s a Hoot and Sherbert Pips. I didn’t need any fabric and I’ve been trying not to spend any money lately but I felt the need to do so in a shop that fits my style so well. Too many quilt shops seem to ignore the modern designers, I think when you come across one that doesn’t that it is important to support them.

If you are ever in or near West Concord, Massachusetts you should definitely check it out 🙂

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So making a quilt twice probably isn’t the best way to decide which color to use for the background but in my defense I would have had to to take this top apart anyway…

I made the ring portion of my quilt three months ago and finally got around to picking the background colors 6 weeks ago. It took nearly a month to arrive after I ordered it so I was so excited to get started I didn’t double check how the yellow would look with the other prints.

Originally I thought the blue would look best with the wheel so I went ahead and cut and assembled it only to realize that the wheel was super puffy in the middle.

Modern Meadow Wheel Take 1

I put it away and figured I would disassemble it later and figure out what went wrong. In the meantime I started cutting the squares for the back and I realized I had a lot of prints that were close in color to my yellow fabric. Since I’m making half sqaure triangles I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough contrast to make the prints stand out.

I figured I had to disassemble the wheel anyway so I might as well take that opportunity to switch the colors around. Now the color wheel side will be “Curry” yellow and I’ll make the half square triangles using the same prints and the “Azure” blue on the other side.

Modern Meadow Wheel Take 2

In the end it worked out, the yellow pops beautiful against the wheel and using the blue on the back will provide enough contrast to showcase each print.

Just out of curiousity, which do you prefer?

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03 apr 11 004

After tackling curves on the Single Girl Quilt and Y Seams on the hexagon quilt I needed a simple project. You know stack, wack, and stitch- instant quilt top 😉

I pulled all of these fabrics from my stash and despite the fact that I’m no longer in love with any of them I think they look beautiful together! Originally I was going to pull out the pinks and greens from the fabric with the brown background but when I looked at my stash I had a lot more of the oranges and yellows. I think it looks better this way and I’m glad I went in this direction.

I’m going to use five of the blocks and hopefully the rest of my brown solid fabric from my stash to make the back. Once it’s is done I’ll donate it. I’m proud of myself for making two quilts back to back with fabric from my stash and prouder still that I’m making them to donate 🙂

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The need to save money and the desire to use up fabric that has just been collecting dust in my stash has meant very little new fabric is finding its way home to me. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save 40% off a couple solid fabrics I needed serious yardage of to finish some in progress quilts.

02 apr 11 003

The blue is Kona Cotton Azure (I love this shade of blue, it’s almost Tiffany Blue) and the yellow is Curry. I’m pairing them with two of the colorways from Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow Collection. The Azure will be the background fabric on one side and the Curry will be the background fabric on the other. I think they both go well with the prints but contrast nicely with each other giving a different feel to each side of the quilt. I have to admit Curry is outside my comfort zone, originally I was going to purchase an olive green, but I let my husband decide between the two and he preferred Curry. I figure if i don’t like it that side will be the “back.” But having seen it I’m pretty excited to see how it all comes together, hopefully going with an unusual choice will pay off!

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I finally finished diassembling, trimming, squaring and reassembling my Single Girl quilt top it was time consuming but it needed to be done!

02 apr 11 002

I don’t know that pink goes especially well with the rest of the fabrics but I needed to go with a solid fabric to save money so I wanted to pick something I really liked. Something about the one inch square of Petal kept calling my name so never having seen it in person I went ahead and purchased five yards. I had a minor heart attack when I heard it described as cotton candy pink on another blog but was pleased when it arrived and it was exactly like the one inch square. I can see how someone might describe it as cotton candy pink but it has more purple in it, it’s really hard to describe…

Having invested so much time and money into this quilt i decided to hand quilt it. I’ve been wanting a project I could work on while hanging out on the couch and this will be perfect for that. I’m not sure how long this will take me since I’ve only ever hand quilted a baby quilt but I’m not in a rush.

02 apr 11 005

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