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jun 24 11 245

Can you believe this is my first online fabric order since winter?!? I don’t even look online anymore since we are trying to keep to a budget but I couldn’t resist the Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. I missed out on them last year and wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice! Of course I still want the green ones so I may have to scope out Etsy and see what I can find.

I’m trying to be better about not buying fabric collections as a whole unless I have a specific plan in mind. I’ve seen “I Do” by Cherry House a couple times and although most people probably wouldn’t think of the Ghastlies and an “I Do” quilt I think it could be really interesting.

I Do - full view

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So my post from yesterday was actually composed months ago when I initially purchased the magazine! I hadn’t actually done anything with it until last weekend when I started cutting out fabric for my long awaited Lush quilt.

jun 24 11 248

I’ve always been envious of those women that post about going into their stash pulling out a bunch of unrelated fabrics and making these fabulous quilts. Well I am envious no more since that’s exactly what I did with this quilt! I obviously purchased the four Lush prints to use together but the rest have been aquired over the past couple years with no specific project in mind. And yet I think they work beautifull together, don’t you?

jun 24 11 247

Don’t mind the large Anna Maria Horner print in the top row, I’m not actually using it. I bought it online never having seen it in person. I knew the scale was going to be large (which I could have lived with) but the color is also too bright. I’m going to use a green Cake Rock Beach honeycomb print instead.

Now I just need to cut 100 or so little squares 🙂 I’m hoping to get this top completed in the next couple weeks but it depends on what I can get done this weekend since I’ll be traveling for work most of the next two weeks…

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18 apr 11 003

I’ve been waiting for this magazine for about a month, I started looking it at the beginning of April even though I knew it wouldn’t come out until mid-month just to make sure I didn’t miss it.

Normally I’m not a big craft magazine person but ever since I saw this quilt I’ve been dying to make it.

Rubik's Crush quilt

Film in the Fridge posted the original quilt months ago and when I saw it was crazy because I had been thinking about a similar idea but a painter’s palette instead of a Rubik’s cube. I filed the picture away with the intention of doing something in between the two ideas until I saw that the pattern would be published. I knew the chances of me getting around to designing my own pattern were slim to none. At least not for the next two years while I’m going to school and working full time!

I didn’t realize the magazine was going to cost $20, a little steep since I only wanted one of the patterns.

18 apr 11 007

I saved $2 because the magazines were on sale but it’s more than I thought I could justify so I’m going to give it to my sister as a birthday gift and borrow it from her to complete this quilt.

My personal budget aside the magazine has a lot of really cool projects.

18 apr 11 005

I saw that quilt months ago and thought it was really cool, it reminds me of living in Colorado and how she did it is neat to see.

18 apr 11 004

There are lots of yoga mat bag patterns available but I like this one because you could use to hold towels for a trip to the beach or a quilt for a picnic!

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