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Long Arm

Today was my first time using a longarm quilt machine and I have to say it was harder than I anticipated. I took an intro class at a local shop which is really just a class you have to take and pay for so that they can be reasonably sure you won’t break their machines when you rent time on them. Which is fine by me because in addition to learning how to load the machine, thread it and use the stitch regulator I also got to spend over an hour just doodling. Now I can’t wait to take my first quilt over! I learned how to use the self-guided machine but they also have a computerized machine available to rent so of course I’ll have to give that a whirl as well 😉

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Sunday Stash- Colorful Additions

I’ve really tried to stop buying fabrics that don’t coordinate with anything else I own or think I will ever own. These fabrics usually end up sitting on a shelf but sometimes I just can’t resist…

The Anna Maria Horner floral may be used in a purse and I’m thinking about using the Alexander Henry Christmas print in a quilt with a bunch of solids but realistically these will both be occupying shelf space for the foreseeable future. Which is okay because they were just too pretty to pass up 😉

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Half Square Layout

When I was staring at a stack of 210 squares that needed to be trimmed and squared I thought I would never finish! But once I brought it over to the couch and worked on it while hanging out with TH I was able to finally knock these out.

Flowers Up Close

Please excuse the poor photo quality, I brought the trimmed squares with me on my work trip so I could lay them out sans cats. It also makes me feel like I’ve done something creative in the midst of the corporate grind.

I love how this is coming together. It will be big by the time it’s stiched together 72 inches by 96 inches to be exact! But it needs to be big since its destined to be our couch quilt. The one we’ve been using isn’t quite long enough but this one will be 🙂

My goal is to sew everything together next week (after my finance final is over). Then I need to add fabric to this quilt and pair the two together. I’m getting excited…

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For the Love of Solids

I’ve joined my first swap in over a year, it’s like riding a bike right?

I figured since I started and moderate the Simply Solid Quilt Flickr Group (the FIRST solids only/mostly group on Flickr, now there are lots but I was first!) I couldn’t pass up a solids only swap group. There are still a couple slots left if you are interested but you better head over fast!

I realize that my mosaic is shall we say lacking but in my defense I spent over an hour picking out 16 photos only to have some of them refuse to show up in the mosaic and I swear everytime I thought I had eliminated all of the nonfunctional links another one would stop working. So I called it good at four of my favorites. If you are my partner and need more inspiration you can check out my Flickr favorites where there are 838 items that I “like” but the four I chose represent my absolute favorites- text, little houses and simple shapes random or not.

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the big orange wall quilt


I’ve been in love with this type of quilt for awhile.

starburst quilt


There are a couple different patterns for it and I suppose a couple different ways to construct it.

Finished Rain or Shine Quilt!


But I like free patterns so I’m going to use this tutorial by Film in the Fridge. My plan is to use this stack and make 12 1/2 in blocks but first I need to finish my half square triangle quilt (or at least that’s the plan…)

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Lush Rubik's Cube

After taking so long to find some of these Lush prints and then hoarding them for the “perfect project” having this quilt top done feels a little anticlimatic. I think it’s because there are so many other prints in here that it doesn’t feel like a “Lush” quilt. My intention was to add interest and color with the other prints but now I feel like the deer prints have been lost in the mix…

jul 13 11 005

Don’t get me wrong, I love this quilt and I love all the colors in it. I just think the next time I won’t use anything but solids with the Lush prints and I’ll stick to the predominate color scheme of blues and greys so that the deer stand out. Oh well.

What are you working on this week?

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Bye Bye Baby

Living with three adults and one baby in addition to TH is an interesting experience… To do it successfully there needs to be a lot of communication and that’s sometimes lacking around this house but overall its been a pretty positive experience. Unfortunately one of my favorite “roommates” and his mom have moved to Italy.

jul 04 11 001

We are going to miss both of them but I’m glad they are able to go and live with my brother (it is his wife and son after all!)

I’m sure they will have a blast in Italy and I look forward to following her adventures in crafting and international living at Not Another Craft Blog You should check it out too- especially since she’s a more frequent poster than I am 😉

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