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29 aug 11 004

I know that sometimes the fabric can make the pattern and vice versa so I imagine when someone makes a quilt in a pattern that makes people fall in love with the fabric the designers are both very happy. But when someone takes a quilt pattern and goes in the opposite direction of the designers aesthetic I have to wonder if that makes the pattern designer happy or horrified.

29 aug 11 003

This quilt pattern is from Boo Davis’ book “Dare to be Square” and her style can probably be summed up as modern rock and roll with a tagline of “made with hate”. I have to think a rock and roller would not want her edgy mostly solid owl turned into a patchwork of pastel florals copied from vintage sheet designs. But I guess that’s the risk you run when you publish a pattern or release a fabric line.

The designer’s preference aside I think the fabric and pattern work beautifully together. It’s actually not at all my usual style either…. But something about these not to sweet prints were calling my name a year or so ago and I went ahead and purchased a fat quarter set of the entire line! This quilt (in case you were curious) barely put a dent in my stack.

The book was a Christmas present last year and I always knew the first project I would tackle would be the owl. But until now I couldn’t decide on a color scheme and while I like the two-color mostly solid with edited addition of monochromatic prints featured in the book I didn’t have any small scale prints that would suit. So I went to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and fell in love!

I thought about gifting this to my sister if she is having a girl but I think I might just have to keep it instead…

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Hey Good Looking

Do you come here often?

My SIL has entered her son into a modeling contest and while we are sure he’s got this in the bag (could you really say no to that face?) we would appreciate it if you could help us out and cast your vote for him. You go here and cast your vote for 385148.

Thanks, and in return for your votes I promise to actually post something crafty by Sunday!

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Have you been to Design Seed yet? It’s my latest addiction and a great source for color combinations. I’ve been trying to do more solid fabric project but I have a hard time pulling together fun color combinations. It’s strange because I don’t have this problem with print fabrics… Well I won’t have a problem anymore because there is a wealth of information to be found on this site.

The top color scheme is exactly what I had in mind for the bed quilt I will (eventually) make. I was having some trouble deciding on tones of purple to use but no more.

The bottom color scheme is another favorite, I’m not sure what I’ll make but I love it too much not to do something with it!

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07 aug 112 016

In addition to working on my swap project I also finished piecing a quilt top/back. It’s my first two sided quilt. There is really is no back to it although I suspect the blue side will spend more time facing up on our couch. I love the curry yellow especially during the dreary winter months but it can be a bit overwhelming on sunnier days.

07 aug 112 020

I went back and forth on how to quilt this. Since the two sides are so different I really had to find a design that would work equally well on both sides. I finally decided to do circles radiating from the center of the wheel (which I intentionally offset to the side and bottom). I’m thinking I’ll space the lines about two inches apart but we’ll see once I get started. First TH needs to make me a giant compass so I can draw the lines to follow. I in no way trust myself to freehand or eyeball it!

07 aug 112 015

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05 aug 11 007

I joined the “Finish It Up!” group on Flickr weeks ago and have finally finished a project. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve made significant progress on a number of quilt tops but I hadn’t actually finished anything until now.

I made this quilt as a way to use up some fabric I’ve had sitting on the shelf for awhile that I was no longer in love with. I’m going to donate it to the local Project Linus group. At one point (back in January) I thought I would make one quilt a month to donate but seeing how it is August and I just finished my first one I think I’ll make a more reasonable goal of finishing one more before Christmas. Hopefully since I’ve actually got another quilt top and back ready to be quilted I will accomplish this goal!

I used a plastic hexagon template and mostly fabric from Joel Dewberry’s Deer Valley fabric line with a couple random prints thrown in. I found sewing the hexagons together to be too time consuming and doubt I’ll make another one of these again. In fact I actually prefer the back of this quilt! I free pieced the remaining scraps of fabric and really love how it came together.

05 aug 11 006

I found the red fabric I used for the binding in my stash and honestly I have no idea where it came from! Does that ever happen to you? For the quilting I used my free motion foot, dropped my feed dogs and outlined the sides of the rows. The quilting isn’t all that pretty (it’s my first real attempt at free motion) but I like the look of the quilting.

05 aug 11 008

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so tired

TH and I headed down south to visit our newest nephew B. You have to admit he is quite cute. Although you shouldn’t be fooled- he rules with an iron fist

power to the baby

Hehehe! B. is our third nephew and also the youngest at only six weeks. We only got to visit for a couple days but it was nice to hang out with a baby that wanted nothing more than to cuddle. By the time we get to see him again he might even be scooting around on his own.

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Blue with a punch of purple

I’m participating in a blind swap which is always challenging. On one hand you don’t want to give the person exactly what they have asked for because that’s not really that fun but on the other you want them to like what you make them.

The smart and recommended course of action is to post in progress photos (this is also generally appreciated by swap hosts as they like continuous participation). But when you do so and your partner doesn’t comment…. well that’s tricky. My partner said she liked some of things in the picture in her original questionnaire and nothing was listed as something she hated…. I’m thinking I’ll just keep going and see if she comments on my next in progress photo and if she doesn’t then I might switch gears. I realize she could have overlooked the photo or something innocuous like that but I also know that sometimes if there is a photo in the group I really don’t like then I just won’t comment and hope that it isn’t destined for me. Oh me oh my….


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