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I didn’t get a chance to work on my pincushions today because I got sidetracked fabric shopping. I travel a lot for work and when I do I try to make time to visit local quilt shops because you never know what you will find.

Today I scored Lush, Heather Ross, and American Jane Wee Play for around $9 a yard each. I bought 10 1/2 yards and had to stop myself. I almost bought the entire bolts of the Sky Painter’s Palette and Deer but I forced myself to behave.

They had some other hard to find fabrics and a lot of current prints that I love. It’s a good thing this store isn’t right down the street!

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I love these little Japanese prints but they are so expensive! First off they are usually linen/cotton blends that are heavier than 100% cotton and second they usually come from Japan so the shipping is through the roof. I still thinks it’s worth it if you buy a bunch of prints at once and stick to smaller cuts to get the greatest variety for the least amount of money.

So where can you find them?

On Etsy:


Ruby’s Daughter

This And That From Japan (Currently on vacation)

Fabricworm on Etsy and one their own website

From Japan with Love

Choki Choki



Pomadour’s Craft Cafe

On Their Websites:

Fabric Tales


Purl Soho


J. Caroline Creative


Nuno Plus


If you know any others please share!

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Nani Iro, originally uploaded by the purl bee.


So far my most popular post was this one about finding the ever elusive Lush fabric with a link to where any one else could purchase it as well. I thought perhaps my endless Googling for hard to find fabric could be put to use with a regular feature with links to online stores.

I first saw Nani Iro fabric when searching for potential garments to make and quickly fell in love. Most of her designs are printed on double glaze cotton, which is so soft! They give the impression of water color paintings with sweet candy like colors and soft edges. They are perfect for blouses or little girl dresses.

nani IRO, originally uploaded by the workroom.



However, when she puts those same colors on a black background the effect is quite edgy, you get the same beautiful colors but they appear more rock and roll than soft love ballad.


And while seeing gorgeous fabric on it’s own is one thing it’s always nice to see what people do with it.

Tunique japonaise, originally uploaded by CharlotteCarotte.


My dress 🙂, originally uploaded by auxpetitsoiseaux.


Smocked, originally uploaded by 6.5st.


And now that you are in love here is where you can find it 🙂

The Fabric Bar
Purl Soho
Reprodepot Fabrics
Super Buzzy
Fabric Tales

If you know of someplace else to find Nani Iro on the web please share!

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This is my first Sunday Stash and this fabric is some of the hardest for me to find. It seems I keep falling in love with fabric that is already retired, hard to find or was never produced in large quantities but I suppose that’s part of the fun.

I found this in the Moss colorway and J. quickly decided he wanted it in his birthday quilt. It hurt a bit to cut into it but I wanted to make him something he would love. I tried to find the Sky colorway from the same Ebay seller but she had already sold out. I found one seller from Australia but the prices were more than I was willing to pay. After an hour or so going through pages and pages of google searches I ran into a link to this little shop. They were testing out their online site and I ended up being their first order before everything was fully functional! I thought it was a bit weird when I never got an order confirmation but Jo (the owner) called and explained that while they had received the order the site wasn’t automatically processing payment so if I could give her the information over the phone she would run my credit card and ship the stuff out to me for free (to make up for the confusion). I quickly agreed and had the fabric in hand a couple days later. It looks like they have disabled the webstore which makes me sad because I’d like to see what else they have!

Eventually this is going to become a quilt for me but it’s going to be awhile before that happens.

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