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I have to admit I was astounded to find City Quilts at my local library. They have a very small selection of quilting books and most of those are at least 10 years old so to find something so new and modern was a pleasant surprise. Honestly, if we weren’t watching our budget so tightly I would have bought this book since there are at least three quilts out of this book that I’d love to make.

My absolute favorite is called City Play-

City Play 3

I think it will make the most awesome kid’s quilt 🙂

I also really like City Green-

City Green

and City Lights-

City Lights

I’m a huge fan of Cherri House and plan on making a couple of her other patterns that are available for purchase individually.

I’ve been collecting fabric for City News for a couple years now. Eventually I’m going to make an anniversary quilt for my sister and here husband like this one-

City News close up

If you are interested in using solid fabrics more in your quilting I’m sure you will find some inspiration in City Quilts.


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Yes, I said It, I love my right to be a little bit negative. Part of my current mood is due to my computer crashing yesterday and knowing that I will not see it until sometime next week. Even when I get it back I may lose all the data on it…. Thankfully I had backed up everything a week ago but between then and my computer crashing I’ve saved some pretty important things that could be gone now.

Since 95% of the work I do is on my computer I called my boss, let him know the situation, and took a couple personal days. I should be excited for the long weekend, I can certainly use the free time to work on Christmas crafting but instead I feel bummed by the forced hiatus.

In the absence of work I spent a lot of time “chatting” on the Flickr discussion boards. My favorite topic is “One line/design whose popularity I completely don’t understand” I love that everyone feels free (myself included) to admit not only do they not like but they don’t understand the popularity of some of the modern designs who are so revered in this group. I’m not trying to put down or diminish the skills, creativity, and hard work of those designers but I don’t think respecting them means I have to like their work or pretend I like it for fear of being judged for my opinion. Not everyone finds this fun, people in various ways implied that this was not a good topic. That it put down designers, that we should focus on what we love. To me the point of the discussion is to embrace our right to different opinions. To say that even if you don’t like some of the “modern” designers you are still welcome in this group. Your opinion, whether or not it coincides with the majority, is welcome here. It is not about putting down designers and in my opinion no one did. No one was rude, insulting, degrading in any way. Most people just said I don’t like x because of the colors or the scale or whatever. I don’t want to belong to a group that in any way sends the message we all have to like the same things or if you don’t you have to keep silent about it.

After all, as I understand it a major part of the drive for the “modern” quilting movement was that they didn’t feel welcomed or accepted by traditional quilters? That they felt ostracized or judged because their taste in fabric and quilts was different? It doesn’t need to be an all or nothing situation. Within any movement or group there is a spectrum of individuals and it is their differences as much as their similarities that make the group better.

What do you think? Is it okay to foster discussion about dislikes or is it better to focus on the positive? Whether you or agree or disagree please say so but be respectful when you do so.

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I’m traveling again today so I thought I would share some of the awesome artwork I’ve found on Etsy lately. I don’t know about you but my walls could always use a little more ornamentation.

For sale here.

At first glance I realize it comes off a bit creepy but TH is a nursing student and I know he would appreciate the literalness of it.

For sale here.

I love the colors in this one.

Similar prints for sale here.

I think this actually looks like a grown up version of the one before. Unfortunately she’s not available any more.

For sale here.

This one just makes me smile when I look at it.

What’s making you smile today?

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20101020 021

TH’s and my favorite cooking blog is Smitten Kitchen. Usually we will go to their recipe archives if we’ve got something particular in mind but I also follow their blog through Google Reader and some recipes just demand to made. And really what better sweet treat recipe for fall than apple cider donuts?

20101020 006

You can find the recipe here

We made these with vegetable shortening and I should warn you it takes A LOT of vegetable shortening (as in a couple of the giant Costco containers!). And though TH was a skeptic after tasting them he was won over to using shortening instead of vegetable oil for frying donuts.

20101020 013

The recipe is easy to follow and the results are amazing!

20101020 014

TH cut some of the donuts out of dough less then 1/2 inch thick and they tasted just fine but I would recommend sticking to the directions as it made cooking them easier because they cook at a consistent rate. A couple of the thicker donuts didn’t end up cooked all the way through (we still ate them of course…)

20101020 024

My favorites were the donut holes. The taste isn’t any different it is just a personal preference. Thankfully the donuts were almost as good the day after we made them since there is no way two people could eat all of them the first day. Even after eating them for two days we had to throw in the towel and TH gave the rest to some of his classmates.

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I have a slight obsession with license plates and I’m not really sure why. But I want one of these in the worst way (well not enough to pay thousand of dollars for one)


For awhile I was collecting license plates to make one of these but I lost interest when I realized I would have to start paying more then a couple dollars per plate. Many of the ones I found online cost $10-$20 and when you are trying to make a map of the US that adds up pretty quickly.

Of course it would also be neat to do this-

Mike Wilkins - Preamble

But I won’t be able to find those plates so that’s out… I have enough plates for this

Iowa Mailbox

but we live in an apartment so maybe I’ll make one of these


There is even a tutorial here 🙂

But what I’ve really alway wanted was a purse like one of these!

State License Plate Purse & CD Case

And if I really wanted to go overboard I could do something like this-

"House on Plates"

and a close up

All numbered up...

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If this wasn’t in black and white I would have bought a full set within minutes- I mean how gorgeous are these??? I’ve been cruising the internet looking for the perfect cake stand (if you know of a good one please send a link!) and came across these plates. I think I may have drooled on my computer…

You can find them available for sale on Rosanna, Inc where they are described as “ combining feminine victorian with dark gothic to create an eclectic urban aesthetic that is crisp, clean and undeniably fashion forward.”

In any other color but black it probably wouldn’t have the same impact but I’m not really into black and white dishware.

Oh well I can still admire them 🙂

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2010090901 094, originally uploaded by Make it Modern.

I’ve never participated in a quilt along before but I couldn’t resist this one over at Oh Fransson.

I originally fell in love with this mini quilt that Elizabeth created. My intention was to create a larger quilt based on the Boston subway system but she beat me to it! And I figured if you can’t beat them then join them 🙂

We are three blocks in and I have to say these little squares are addictive.

2010090901 083

I don’t have a very large stash and I had to buy 9-10 new prints in order to have enough variety but I still like it. The blocks are 8 two inch blocks by 8 two inch blocks so if you have at least 8 different prints in each colorway you can get a nice variety.

2010090901 096

I cut all of my squares first and quickly learned that my stash relies heavily on light blue and bright pink and is almost completely lacking dark green, dark blue and yellow. So I used this as an opportunity to try and round out my stash a bit more, I love color spectrum quilts so I know they will be put to use.

2010090901 097

The quilt along is moving pretty quickly, we got two blocks Wednesday and are supposed to get another two blocks today but I prefer it that way. It’s so much fun that I can’t wait to see the whole quilt together.

2010090901 098

I’ve already started planning the back, I think I’m going to try and do some sort of city scape but we’ll see.

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