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Alexander Henry Christmas fabric

I was cruising the aisles today at my local Jo-Ann’s when I spied this fabric. I was quite suprised since it was printed last year and I remember snagging the last yard of it from Jo-Ann’s this past January. I had an intense desire to buy the whole bolt (6 yards) because I love this fabric and it was on sale for 30% off but I “behaved” and only bought two yards. I would have bought more if I thought I would use it anytime this year but I won’t. I already have an idea for a two sided Christmas quilt so I won’t need yardage for that. The two yards I bought will make some nice pillow or a table runner or maybe even a Christmas tree skirt.

I didn’t think Alexander Henry (the fabric’s manufacturer) was reprinting Christmas fabric from last year but I guess I shouldn’t be too suprised since I also found this fabric again this year.


I must say I think it is interesting that more and more fabric manufacturers are choosing to reprint popular lines. The most well known is the upcoming Flea Market Fancy by Free Spirit but in the coming months we will also see another round of Mono Pez and Henna Garden and this summer Alexander Henry released another round of the Ghastlies. While I’m glad manufacturers are choosing to reprint I agree with many others that I wish they wouldn’t “tweak” the colors or only rerelease certain prints. I’m very disappointed in the Flea Market Fancy rerelease. You can see 19 of the 20 prints that will be released here. I really wanted the green posies and the blue seeds, neither of which looks like made the cut :(. I’ll probably buy a 1/2 yard of four or five prints. To be honest I’m more interested in what everyone else does! The madness is sure to be exciting, I just need to make sure I don’t get caught up in it and buy more than I really want.

Are you looking forward to any rereleases?

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new fabric 002

I had time to check out a couple fabric stores while traveling the past couple of weeks. All of the above fabrics were found in the sale section of New England Fabrics in Keene, New Hampshire.

The easiest way to describe this fabric shop is an independently owned Jo-Ann Fabrics. It’s not affiliated with Jo-Ann’s in any way that’s just what it reminded me of. The quilting fabric selection had a lot of novelty prints and mostly brightly colored fabrics. There was also a small selection of Michael Miller fabrics. In addition to quilting weight fabric they also stock apparel and home decorator fabric, notions, yarn, and a small book selection. I was excited to finally get to see Block Party in person! I didn’t purchase the book nor had I intended to but I’ve been curious enough to want to flip through it. If you aren’t familiar with the concept the book talks about the modern quilting bee movement and gives instructions on how to make the 12 quilts these ladies made during their bee. It’s a novel concept for a quilting book but none of the patterns really spoke to me.

The only thing I found that I really wanted to purchase at New England Fabrics came from the large sale section. I’ve seen all three of these fabrics online but didn’t want them enough to pay full price. For sale prices from $2.99 to $5.99 a yard I literally could not say no! I have no clue what I will do with them but for the price I’m happy to keep them in my stash.

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brimfield 022

Imagine my surprise and joy at seeing that sign! While I’m not generally a vintage fabric lover I knew I had to at least stop and look. I quickly fell in love and while they were $18 a yard that’s really not that bad since today’s fabric is $12 a yard! Plus I saved 20% for spending over $25.

brimfield 066

The purple/gray plaid is going to go in the bed quilt I’m making for TH and myself. I love the idea of including something vintage that we found on a weekend away together and the colors couldn’t be more perfect. But since I’ll only need a 1/2 yard for the quilt I decided I “needed” another coordinating fabric and some trim for “future projects.”

I also came home with these giant wooden spools.They were $4-$6 a piece and (despite having a HUGE collection of them that no one else seemed to be buying)the woman was not willing to negotiate. In fact she rolled her eyes at me when I asked. If there had been another vendor with these spools I would have gone elsewhere but I didn’t have a choice about where to purchase so I simply purchased less. I understand she has to make a living and if she had simply said the prices were not negotiable then it would have been one thing. But we were at a show, on the second to last day, and everyone else was slashing prices up to 50% so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to her that I asked about a discount. Oh well.

brimfield2 003

Anyway, how awesome are they? I plan on winding homemade bias tape around them! And now that we have a few TH can see if he can replicate some for me.

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Sunday Stash- Colorful Additions

I’ve really tried to stop buying fabrics that don’t coordinate with anything else I own or think I will ever own. These fabrics usually end up sitting on a shelf but sometimes I just can’t resist…

The Anna Maria Horner floral may be used in a purse and I’m thinking about using the Alexander Henry Christmas print in a quilt with a bunch of solids but realistically these will both be occupying shelf space for the foreseeable future. Which is okay because they were just too pretty to pass up 😉

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Sunday Stash- 1001 Peeps

So I have to admit that as much as I’ve loved every one of Lizzy House’s fabric collections and even bought some of her special edition Spoonflower fabric I’m not loving 1001 Peeps. It’s nothing against her designs or the colors, I’m just not into Arabia.

That said the shade of purple in this fabric is perfect for the bed quilt I’m planning and the simple design is addictive. Ultimately the quilt will be made with solid color and simple monochromatic purples and greys.

I picked this up at Fancy Tiger in Denver, Colorado. I was traveling to Denver for work and couldn’t miss the opportunity to check this store out. Most fabric stores I go to have a small collection of “modern” fabrics but this store is nearly all “modern”. And the selection of voiles and laminated cottons- truly drool worthy! Luckily for my bank account I behaved and only walked out with a 1/2 yard but I could have done some serious damage if I hadn’t been so well behaved!

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jun 24 11 245

Can you believe this is my first online fabric order since winter?!? I don’t even look online anymore since we are trying to keep to a budget but I couldn’t resist the Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. I missed out on them last year and wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice! Of course I still want the green ones so I may have to scope out Etsy and see what I can find.

I’m trying to be better about not buying fabric collections as a whole unless I have a specific plan in mind. I’ve seen “I Do” by Cherry House a couple times and although most people probably wouldn’t think of the Ghastlies and an “I Do” quilt I think it could be really interesting.

I Do - full view

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I went to local quilt shop last week with TH and my SIL. I hadn’t planned on purchasing anything but I’ve wanted all three of these fabrics since they were released.

30 apr 11 001

While I wish I wasn’t on a budget, it does help me figure out and only purchase fabrics that I really love.

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