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TH and I drove up to Massachusetts yesterday to attend the Brimfield Antique Show which is considered one of the (if not the) largest outdoor antique show in the United States. There are 21 fields (of varying sizes) holding thousands of vendors. I suspect that this year was a little smaller and a little slower because of the general economy and recent onslaught of inclement weather throughout New England. But I could be wrong, after all this was our first year attending.

Before we came I expected to find some really cool mid century modern furniture, Fisher Price toys, typewriters, and sewing machines. Since we attended the second to last day of the show those things may have been readily available earlier in the show but I don’t think so. There were only three vendors selling mid century modern furniture- in a show of thousands! As for the typewriters and sewing machines well they just didn’t seem to be the “in thing” to buy or sell.

That’s not to say we didn’t find some cool stuff. We still managed to spend almost $200 (which was our budget), we just spent it on a number of small items as opposed to one large item. We found so much cool stuff that I’m going to break the items we saw (not necessarily purchased) into a series of themed posts. We will start with my favorite- the sewing and sewing related items.

I LOVE vintage advertising displays, I’ve never purchased any because they are so expensive! Both of these were over $80 and since I have no real purpose for them it’s not worth the money. Now if I had a fabric or sewing shop it would be a different story!

brimfield 008

brimfield 057

brimfield 056

And speaking of potential fabric shop displays how awesome are these-

brimfield 054

I seriously considering buying this and having a new insert built to fit modern spools. How awesome would your thread collection look in here?

brimfield 053

brimfield 045

And while I was disappointed by the lack of vintage sewing machines I did spot a couple cool ones.

brimfield 018

brimfield 016

Finally how crazy was it to see this displaying having recently seen these giant wooden spools online and asking TH if he thought he could make them for me.

brimfield 033

In addition to the spools they are carried these beauties

brimfield 036

Obviously there were still some really cool items to be found even on the second to last day! And the added bonus was that by the time lunch came around vendors were already offering steep discounts to clear their inventory before they had to pack it up and haul it home.

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Hey Good Looking

Do you come here often?

My SIL has entered her son into a modeling contest and while we are sure he’s got this in the bag (could you really say no to that face?) we would appreciate it if you could help us out and cast your vote for him. You go here and cast your vote for 385148.

Thanks, and in return for your votes I promise to actually post something crafty by Sunday!

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I’m traveling for work most of this week so not much crafting will get done. While I may not craft every day when I’m home something about not being able to do it makes me miss it more. Times like these I like to brainstorm new projects 🙂 Right now I’m feeling very inspired by text.

Me & You Show Sign
Photo Credit

I love lit signs and this homemade one is a tempting project if I could find a better way to disguise the multiple cords. You can find a tutorial here.

The Stars at Night
Photo Credit

I love, love this idea. I’ve been stumped about what to make my middle brother (he’s very emo, hipster) but I know he’d love some song lyrics on something like this. Hmmm…. I know his favorite band but I bet I could find some quotes or lyrics on his facebook page.

something's hiding in here
Photo Credit

This is from the “your message here” art installations. Click on the link and check it out- very cool!

new banner, new blog
Photo Credit

This sign is more my sister’s style, maybe I’ll make signs for everyone for Christmas 😉

Kisses quilt number 2
Photo Credit

I want to find a way to incorporate more text in my quilts but I’m not game for free piecing letters like this. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s awesome but the idea of it kind of makes my head hurt. Of course I’m not really game for appliqueing a bunch of letters on so….. I guess I won’t be doing any quilts with text in the near future!

This makes me want to learn to embroider. (Sorry I can’t post the picture here, they don’t allow it.)

Photo Credit

This is the picture that inspired me to make these

Felt Letter Magnet Tutorial

You can find the tutorial here.

Love, Love, Love
Photo Credit

I’d like someone to buy me this (pretty please?)

this is how i roll
Photo Credit

It makes me smile every time I look at it!

Photo Credit

I’d love the opportunity to walk around the neon boneyard in Las Vegas and take photos of all the old signs. It would be a “sin” not to (okay corny I know…)

What’s inspiring you lately?

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Nursery Chair
Photo Credit

I first saw and fell in love with this nursery when randomly searching Flickr a couple months ago. I’m not currently pregnant nor do I plan on having children (possibly ever) so I wanted to try and find a way to bring this color combo into my home.

Photo Credit

This nursery shows a more kicked up version of the color combo and I love it even more than the first.

1 - nursery 1
Photo Credit

My love of the yellow and blue combination isn’t new I found a couple other examples in my favorites.

Rosalyn's Flock of Triangles [explored!]
Photo Credit

This relies heavily on yellow into orange gold with very little blue but I love the shades of yellow used.

Custard Cream
Photo Credit

This purse is just too cute! One day I want to learn to make this little coin purses.

Sun and Sky quilt
Photo Credit

This quilt made me realize how yellow and blue, in these shades, really sing together in a quilt. I think I’m going to make a two sided quilt using these colors. One side will use the Plain Spoken pattern and solids and the other side will use the Hop, Skip, Jump pattern using a mix of solids and prints. I think this will finally be a project worthy of cutting into my tiny Flea Market Fancy stash 🙂

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PA Farm Show, originally uploaded by Indie House.

For the first the time in months my husband, J., has the weekend off so we decided to get out and soak up some local culture. The annual Pennsylvania Farm Show is a big draw around here and we couldn’t miss our chance to see this years butter sculpture.

fabric 090

Honestly, livestock shows aren’t my thing and I felt bad for the exhibitors that were obviously sleeping beside their animals for the week long show. But even I was charmed by the sheep and goats.

These ladies are obviously ready for jazzercise. In addition to their spandex body suits their leg hair was long enough (despite their shorn state) to qualify as leg warmers.

fabric 024

Not everyone was in as good a shape, I think this lady was to lazy to exercise and no longer fits in her suit!

fabric 031

And then there were these sheep. Something definitely came to mind when I saw them but I thought myself a bit racist for thinking it….

fabric 039

While the sheep were rather blase about getting their picture taken the goats were all about it.

fabric 072

fabric 063

The other “major attraction” for me was the food court. We had maple frozen yogurt (yum), maple cotton candy (double yum) and a plain potato donut (who knew that would be yum?). I was disappointed in the vendors, I thought there would be more crafters but instead there were a lot of corporate vendors. Oh well, it was still something fun to do for a couple hours.

What did you do today?

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red letter day plus-sign quilt, originally uploaded by arajane.

Having not sewn in months I started wonder if and when I would feel motivated to create something new. I was happy to finish my bee blocks and I’ll be estatic to finally have Bob’s quilt done (sometime in the next couple days…) but I wondered when I would feel the urge to make something else. Not, mind you, that I don’t have a stack of “in progress” quilts to work on. I do it’s just they all need more fabric or more blocks or both. Once I order some new dark blue solids I can finish the back of my Bee Modern quilt but first I need to order the fabric… My single girl quilt is about 15 fabrics away from the point where I can start cutting. I ordered about 15 yards of fabric last night and I’m hoping that at least 3 or 4 will end up coordinating when I put them next to the rest of the fabric I’ve already chosen. I’m still waiting on a couple blocks for my Snip Sew Send quilt and then I’m sure I’ll still need to make some of my own blocks to make it queen sized, then I have to decide on the back. I have (I hope) all the fabrics and the pattern to make a quilt from Lantern Bloom but I’m just not inspired to work on it right now.

So what am I going to do? Make, or at least start, on a completely different quilt of course! I saw the photo above and fell in love. I have many of those fabrics and ordered a couple more to add to the mix. I also plan on ordering some kona cottons and maybe some shot cottons and then make a whirly gig quilt like this one. I think the fun pattern is the perfect complement to the Lizzy House prints. I don’t have anyone in mind for this quilt and I’m not sure what size I will make it. It seems like a good baby quilt but I think I’ll go ahead and make it twin sized if I have enough fabric. That way I can keep it and use it if I decide I can’t give it up.

J. and I are going to Va for the holidays so nothing will get done this week but by the time I get back the fabric I ordered should have arrived and I can get started this weekend. I can’t wait!

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Tado Owl Tattoo!, originally uploaded by Owl Movement.

Now I love owls but I don’t love them enough to tattoo one on my own arm. But you have to admit it’s a pretty cute owl and owls seem to be everywhere these days. Here are some of my favorites.

Silly Owl Fell out of Bed, originally uploaded by Two Cheese Please.

Amigurumi Mama Owl, originally uploaded by Pepika.

Owly pouches., originally uploaded by boxsquare..

what a HOOT!, originally uploaded by eyeluvquilts.

If you need a little owl action in your life you could make these

Using this pattern. It’s in Japanese but the photos are self explanatory.

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Watercolors- New Hobby?, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I’ve started to sketch out potential quilt designs, garments, accessories etc as inspiration strikes. Not every design will move from pen and paper to fabric and thread and this helps me decide where to focus my efforts. A pencil sketch doesn’t however really do them justice so yesterday I headed to Jo-Ann’s armed with a 40% off coupon. I was torn between colored pencils, watercolor paint, and watercolor pencils. Colored pencils were the cheapest and most versatile choice but for some reason I really wanted to try watercolors, for $6.00 (with coupon) I figured why not.

Since I’ve never used watercolors before I definitely have a lot to learn but I love the way the colors blend together.

canonjune09 179

I think the watercolor pencils would have helped me stay within the lines but they were four times as expensive!

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My Precious, originally uploaded by Shear Delight.

Can you believe I got 8 fat quarters of this hard to find Heather Ross fabric for only $21 including shipping?!! I saw Staci’s blog post early one morning about finding this fabric and intending to list it on Etsy. Within seconds I had emailed her and asked her if I could take it off her hands. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I had no way of knowing how many other people had already read her post and sent similar pleas. Lucky me I think I was the first! She emailed me that day saying she would be happy to set up a custom listing for me but couldn’t get to it for a week or so. Patience is not a virtue I possess but when she told me she was only charging $2 a fat quarter I knew I could wait! It had been awhile and I was afraid she had forgotten but this weekend she emailed me again saying she could ship them. I paid within seconds of recieving the listing 🙂 and the fabric came today! I have no idea what I will do with them so they will sit in my stash for a little while at least.

I was really interested in the fish and gnomes so the mushrooms are available for swap.

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Technically I saw all three while visiting St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada this week for work. The pictures and experience leave a bit to be desired though. The Puffins were great but my pictures, not so much.

saltwater joy 341

I kept trying to catch them in flight with modest success.

saltwater joy 345

Luckily my friend Dave had a huge zoom lense on him and he’s going to share his photos with me. In the meantime check these out. As long as you are quiet the boat can get very close and Puffins just sit and watch all the humans taking photos of them. I suppose it’s all very blase to them 😉

England, Farne puffins, originally uploaded by richard.mcmanus..

The whales were mere humps barely breaking the surface

saltwater joy 438

When I really wanted to see this

The iceberg was an ice cube

saltwater joy 047

As compared to some that have been known to travel here

Icebergs, originally uploaded by solitarybird1.

I can’t complain though I got to travel here for free and it was a conference attended by two of my colleagues so I wasn’t here by myself relegated to hanging out in my hotel room.

I got to see much more of Newfoundland then I caught on camera (since the camera got left in the hotel for the second day of sight seeing). It’s a beautiful place to visit and if you go I’d highly recommend trying a whale and Puffin boat tour. As soon as someone spotted the whale the Captain turned the boat around and managed to get us right by the whales. It wasn’t his fault they were skimming the surface so they had to no need to show their tails.

I’ve posted 271 of the 450 photos that I took (mostly during the boat tour). The rest were deleted after my first review, a couple are actually really good

saltwater joy 359

If you can sort through them all to find them 😉

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