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One of the reasons I haven’t posted in so long was that I was flitting from one project to the next without finishing anything! It was really frustrating for me because I’m someone that likes to focus on one or two projects and see them through to completion. If I’m going to put something to the side than I want to leave it to the side for months. And I really try to keep the number of projects I do that with to a minimum. Right now I have four quilts in limbo land….

But that’s the least of my worries. First I got into knitting, made it 2/3 of the way through a sweater and then ripped it all out- have I restarted? Ummm, no.

Then I got really into the idea of making clothes and got as far as purchasing some patterns, planning fabric and even buying fabric. I even got as far as cutting one set of pattern pieces out. I started with the intention of making a couple patterns from Simple Modern Sewing but they have put way to many patterns on only a couple sheets of paper. Since all the pattern lines are in black and they are all overlapping I can’t tell which lines go to which pattern. It REALLY frustrates me because I was really excited by this book and now I want nothing to do with it! I would gladly have paid extra to have a CD with individual patterns I could print out or for them to print the pattern lines in different colors or ANYTHING to make it possible to discern one set of lines from the other! So I switched gears and bought a couple Simplicity patterns but realized I’m drawn to patterns of clothing I don’t wear. I need clothes that I will wear and use. Enter the simple dress shirt pattern from Simplicity (I think…) I’ve cut most of the pattern pieces out and started a muslin but I can’t concentrate.

I finally realized I needed any easy project, something to express my creativity and gain a sense of accomplishment. But I didn’t want to start anything totally new (I have enough in progress projects at this point!) So I pulled out the fabrics I’ve been collecting to make a Christmas quilt. I’ve always intended to make a simple bowtie quilt. Since it’s soo easy it was the perfect project and I finished up this quilt top in a couple days :).

27 apr 12 015

I wanted it to be appropriate for Christmas but not to Christmasy. And for me my favorite thing about Christmas is the multi-colored lights. This quilt reminds me of those lights with all its bold colors.

27 apr 12 016

It features a few of my favorite Christmas fabrics but I won’t feel guilty or lazy if I leave it out for all of January and into February.

Ideally I would have made the back and really finished this quilt but I want to wait until Brrr by Laurie Wisbrun comes out and use that for the back.

Brrr! Quilt pieces

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17 oct 11 006

I missed out on the Alexander Henry Ghastlies prints last year so I made sure to purchase them when they were rereleased this year! I even knew when I bought them that I wanted use them with the I Do pattern from Cherri House. I think the large piecing and simpe design of the quilt works beautifully with these fabrics.

The original pattern called for 12 prints and 12 solids but I felt that would look too busy. I’m not a super scrappy quilt type person. Ultimately I used 12 prints, nine from the Ghastlies and three that I had in my stash. I’ve cut way back on my fabric purchasing this year by focusing on buying fabric that I love. Rather than purchase twelve new prints because that’s what the pattern called for I bought the nine prints I loved. And I think the three prints from my stash work beautifully!

17 oct 11 004

Since the color scheme of the Ghastlies prints is fairly limited and I prefer a limited palette I only used six solids- white, black, two shades of gray and two shades of pink. I wasn’t sold on the pink at first but I went with my gut and LOVE the results. I’m not normally a pink person but this is an exception.

My goal is to have this finished by Halloween but between work and school I think next Halloween is probably a more realistic goal!

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Alexander Henry Christmas fabric

I was cruising the aisles today at my local Jo-Ann’s when I spied this fabric. I was quite suprised since it was printed last year and I remember snagging the last yard of it from Jo-Ann’s this past January. I had an intense desire to buy the whole bolt (6 yards) because I love this fabric and it was on sale for 30% off but I “behaved” and only bought two yards. I would have bought more if I thought I would use it anytime this year but I won’t. I already have an idea for a two sided Christmas quilt so I won’t need yardage for that. The two yards I bought will make some nice pillow or a table runner or maybe even a Christmas tree skirt.

I didn’t think Alexander Henry (the fabric’s manufacturer) was reprinting Christmas fabric from last year but I guess I shouldn’t be too suprised since I also found this fabric again this year.


I must say I think it is interesting that more and more fabric manufacturers are choosing to reprint popular lines. The most well known is the upcoming Flea Market Fancy by Free Spirit but in the coming months we will also see another round of Mono Pez and Henna Garden and this summer Alexander Henry released another round of the Ghastlies. While I’m glad manufacturers are choosing to reprint I agree with many others that I wish they wouldn’t “tweak” the colors or only rerelease certain prints. I’m very disappointed in the Flea Market Fancy rerelease. You can see 19 of the 20 prints that will be released here. I really wanted the green posies and the blue seeds, neither of which looks like made the cut :(. I’ll probably buy a 1/2 yard of four or five prints. To be honest I’m more interested in what everyone else does! The madness is sure to be exciting, I just need to make sure I don’t get caught up in it and buy more than I really want.

Are you looking forward to any rereleases?

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jul 10 11 001

I’ve been pretty good lately about turning fabric stacks into quilts or rather I’ve been very good about turning uncut fabric stacks into cut fabric stacks. Since that means they are one step closer to actual quilthood I view this as progress ;).

Of course this also means I “need” to create new stacks of fabric. Since I’m still on a strict fabric budget I pulled all of these from my stash. They are a mixed bag of solids (from various manufacturers) and prints. The butterfly fabric is going to be used for the backing but it inspired the rest of the colors.

jul 10 11 002

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jun 24 11 245

Can you believe this is my first online fabric order since winter?!? I don’t even look online anymore since we are trying to keep to a budget but I couldn’t resist the Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. I missed out on them last year and wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice! Of course I still want the green ones so I may have to scope out Etsy and see what I can find.

I’m trying to be better about not buying fabric collections as a whole unless I have a specific plan in mind. I’ve seen “I Do” by Cherry House a couple times and although most people probably wouldn’t think of the Ghastlies and an “I Do” quilt I think it could be really interesting.

I Do - full view

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My cats have lodged a complaint with their union representative, their charge is cat abuse!

Exhibit A: A brand new puppy bed made for the newest member of the household.

20100929 001

The cats firmly believe that dogs should always come second to them and are highly offended that we would invest time and effort into a project for the dog before creating something for them.

Exhibit B: While the dog can stretch out on a comfy, fluffy and large bed. The cats are stuck in a tray that barely fits one of them much less both of them together.

20101009 001

In our defense the tray is padded with a couple layers of fleece left over from various quilts. The cats, however, organized a strike in accordance with union rules. There will be no lap sitting or leg rubbing until their demands have been met.

With an empty, cold lap and a sad sad heart I set to work on making their royal highnesses happy.

20101030 024

The pattern is the better than a box pet bed from “One Yard Wonders” and the fabric is “Sew Now, Sew Wow” from Alexander Henry. I love this fabric and knew to make my cats happy I’d have to part with one of my favorite prints. I think the large design and bright colors are perfect for this project. The bed is my favorite project so far from “One Yard Wonders.” It’s unique design and functionality make it a perfect project. The most time consuming part was drawing the pattern pieces out on the fabric, the sewing itself is a breeze, then you stuff it and your done! The entire thing took less than an hour to make.

Of course the true test is the cats. I went and got Bear, thinking at best he would sniff it and move on (he hates to be put some place and usually runs off on principle alone). But he must really love this bed because he immediately laid down

20101030 008

and stayed there all afternoon.

For photgraphing purposes I put the bed on our kitchen table but the bed will permanently reside on a corner of my sewing table hopefully preventing my cats from feeling the need to lay down on one of my in progress piles of fabric. As I write this, Maggie, is currently napping on it 🙂 So I guess they both approve. it’s a good thing too, now that it is getting cold I’ll need a sweet kitty to curl up with me on the couch.

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20101030 023

The more projects I complete from “One Yard Wonders” the more I love it. I fall in love with so many fabrics and then they end up lanquishing on a shelf. Some prints are simply to busy or to unlike anything else in my stash to be used in a quilt. And even those that can be used in a quilt may not make it into one for years because it takes so long to make quilts and my inspiration for quilts varies so frequently. I may buy a floral fabric because “I have to have it” but be really inspired by simple and graphic prints and make a quilt out of those. I buy fabric because I love it and want to be surrounded by it, not have it sitting on a shelf waiting for months or years to be used. This book is filled with everyday items that you can make out of fabric so you can finally take those well loved prints off the shelf, put them to use, and be surrounded by them all the time!

This isn’t my favorite project from this book but it comes pretty close. The book calls this a “collapsible shopping tote” but I call it the ninja tote.

20101030 035

Look how small it gets!

20101030 021

This one is for my mother in laws birthday. Originally it and the umbrella mini quilt were going to be Christmas gifts but TH wants to make her a cutting board for Christmas so we’ll give her these in a couple weeks for her birthday. The quilt will be “wrapped” in the bag. Now that she and her husband are retired they spend a lot of time traveling in their fifth wheel so I’m hoping that both the quilt and ninja bag will fit well into their downsized, on-the-go lifestyle.

20101030 020

This one is for me! I fell in love with this print by Paintbrush Studio and bought it knowing I could never use it in a quilt but “needing” it nonetheless. Now I can easily carry this in my purse for trips to the fabric store, drugstore, etc.

Since they are made with quilting weight cotton I wouldn’t load this bag up with a bunch of groceries, or at least not a gallon of milk, but it’s handy for just about any other shopping needs. And it’s small size and portability mean I won’t find myself in a store accepting a plastic shopping bag as I kick myself for forgetting one of my reusable bags.

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