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17 oct 11 006

I missed out on the Alexander Henry Ghastlies prints last year so I made sure to purchase them when they were rereleased this year! I even knew when I bought them that I wanted use them with the I Do pattern from Cherri House. I think the large piecing and simpe design of the quilt works beautifully with these fabrics.

The original pattern called for 12 prints and 12 solids but I felt that would look too busy. I’m not a super scrappy quilt type person. Ultimately I used 12 prints, nine from the Ghastlies and three that I had in my stash. I’ve cut way back on my fabric purchasing this year by focusing on buying fabric that I love. Rather than purchase twelve new prints because that’s what the pattern called for I bought the nine prints I loved. And I think the three prints from my stash work beautifully!

17 oct 11 004

Since the color scheme of the Ghastlies prints is fairly limited and I prefer a limited palette I only used six solids- white, black, two shades of gray and two shades of pink. I wasn’t sold on the pink at first but I went with my gut and LOVE the results. I’m not normally a pink person but this is an exception.

My goal is to have this finished by Halloween but between work and school I think next Halloween is probably a more realistic goal!

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I have to admit I was astounded to find City Quilts at my local library. They have a very small selection of quilting books and most of those are at least 10 years old so to find something so new and modern was a pleasant surprise. Honestly, if we weren’t watching our budget so tightly I would have bought this book since there are at least three quilts out of this book that I’d love to make.

My absolute favorite is called City Play-

City Play 3

I think it will make the most awesome kid’s quilt 🙂

I also really like City Green-

City Green

and City Lights-

City Lights

I’m a huge fan of Cherri House and plan on making a couple of her other patterns that are available for purchase individually.

I’ve been collecting fabric for City News for a couple years now. Eventually I’m going to make an anniversary quilt for my sister and here husband like this one-

City News close up

If you are interested in using solid fabrics more in your quilting I’m sure you will find some inspiration in City Quilts.

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