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Nursery Chair
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I first saw and fell in love with this nursery when randomly searching Flickr a couple months ago. I’m not currently pregnant nor do I plan on having children (possibly ever) so I wanted to try and find a way to bring this color combo into my home.

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This nursery shows a more kicked up version of the color combo and I love it even more than the first.

1 - nursery 1
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My love of the yellow and blue combination isn’t new I found a couple other examples in my favorites.

Rosalyn's Flock of Triangles [explored!]
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This relies heavily on yellow into orange gold with very little blue but I love the shades of yellow used.

Custard Cream
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This purse is just too cute! One day I want to learn to make this little coin purses.

Sun and Sky quilt
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This quilt made me realize how yellow and blue, in these shades, really sing together in a quilt. I think I’m going to make a two sided quilt using these colors. One side will use the Plain Spoken pattern and solids and the other side will use the Hop, Skip, Jump pattern using a mix of solids and prints. I think this will finally be a project worthy of cutting into my tiny Flea Market Fancy stash 🙂


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