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So making a quilt twice probably isn’t the best way to decide which color to use for the background but in my defense I would have had to to take this top apart anyway…

I made the ring portion of my quilt three months ago and finally got around to picking the background colors 6 weeks ago. It took nearly a month to arrive after I ordered it so I was so excited to get started I didn’t double check how the yellow would look with the other prints.

Originally I thought the blue would look best with the wheel so I went ahead and cut and assembled it only to realize that the wheel was super puffy in the middle.

Modern Meadow Wheel Take 1

I put it away and figured I would disassemble it later and figure out what went wrong. In the meantime I started cutting the squares for the back and I realized I had a lot of prints that were close in color to my yellow fabric. Since I’m making half sqaure triangles I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough contrast to make the prints stand out.

I figured I had to disassemble the wheel anyway so I might as well take that opportunity to switch the colors around. Now the color wheel side will be “Curry” yellow and I’ll make the half square triangles using the same prints and the “Azure” blue on the other side.

Modern Meadow Wheel Take 2

In the end it worked out, the yellow pops beautiful against the wheel and using the blue on the back will provide enough contrast to showcase each print.

Just out of curiousity, which do you prefer?

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When I started quilting a couple years ago the first book I purchased was “Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” and I immediately fell in love with this quilt.

Finished Color Wheel Quilt Top
This one by pikku-kettu.

But at that point my stash was non existent and while you can purchase a fabric bundle specifically for this project from Purl Soho I wanted to choose the fabrics myself. Needless to say that’s a rather spendy proposition.

Then I saw this version and thought maybe I could make one out of blues.

Color Wheel Quilt
By hollyrh

After purchasing about 7 different blues I realized I didn’t love blue that much and I decided to shelve this project indefinitely. Fast forward about a year and I saw this version.

Colorful Crafting with Jen:  Wedding Wheel Quilt
By purl soho

It made me realize I didn’t need to make a color wheel I could use a collection of cohesive fabrics and make a wheel that is just as beautiful as the rainbow. But I still didn’t have FIFTY TWO different fabrics that I loved and that worked together.

Fast forward another year and I started to see all these project made with Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow and started to fall in love with it. Ultimately I decided it would be perfect for a wheel quilt and I think you will agree

20100929 010

I’ve actually finished all four arcs and was hoping to work on assembling the rest but when I went to JoAnn’s they didn’t have any navy blue Kona cotton :(. They normally stock it so I’m not sure why they don’t have it right now. I need almost 8 yards and I’ve got a couple 40% off coupons so I’m going to put this project on hold and go back this weekend to see if they’ve gotten any in stock.

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It’s hard not to be impressed by quilts like this that touch on every color in the spectrum but it’s daunting to think about recreating one. There are 52 different fabrics called for in this pattern (53 if you include the white) and I have collected six so far.

canonjuly09 120

I obviously have a ways to go… but I’m so excited to get started that I went ahead and cut out these spokes. It also “frees up” the remaining fabric from these prints for another project. I don’t know about you but if I want to use a fabric for a specific project I have to seperate it immediately even if I know I won’t actually make the project for weeks or months. Otherwise I know that I will accidentally grab it, use it in something else, and be severly disappointed when I realize what I’ve done. With a fabric that is currently in stores that’s not such a big deal but if the fabric is hard to find or out of print it could be devastating.

I have no idea how long it will take me to find 46 more fabrics so for now I’m going to be inspired by these examples of color spectrum quilts.

Rainbow baby quilt, originally uploaded by kicsoda.

Do you have a favorite color wheel or color spectrum project? Please post the link so we can all be inspired!

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