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20101021 001

I put my presser foot to the floor this week and finally got this quilt top done! Even though I sketched it out and planned the dimensions I can’t believe how big it is. It’s almost twin sized and will be a roomy nap quilt. I considered going “all the way” and making it twin sized but I doubt my brother would use it as a comforter anyway.

I planning on doing a tan/brown solid on the back and a yet to be determined print for the binding. All of that will go on hold for awhile until I can make it down to my Dad’s where I have a wood floor large enough to make the quilt sandwich on. I’ve tried doing this on my carpeted floor but I get crazy puckering on the back so I would rather just wait.

In the meantime I think I’m going to assemble the quilt top and back for my Tokyo Subway Quilt. Originally I was going to wait for Oh Fransson but she showed a preview of her plans for the back and while I think it’s cool it’s not my style, besides she won’t be publishing directions until mid-November and I need to get the top and back done before then. That way I can take the Tokyo Quilt, Flying Geese Quilt, and Modern Cross quilt down to my Dad’s and turn them all into sandwiches at the same time. Then I’ll just need to quilt them all before Christmas…

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