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I’m traveling again today so I thought I would share some of the awesome artwork I’ve found on Etsy lately. I don’t know about you but my walls could always use a little more ornamentation.

For sale here.

At first glance I realize it comes off a bit creepy but TH is a nursing student and I know he would appreciate the literalness of it.

For sale here.

I love the colors in this one.

Similar prints for sale here.

I think this actually looks like a grown up version of the one before. Unfortunately she’s not available any more.

For sale here.

This one just makes me smile when I look at it.

What’s making you smile today?


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Pimm, originally uploaded by Dolls for Friends.

I don’t know that I’ll ever outgrow my love for sweet stuffed animals. It doesn’t help that there are soo many handcrafted options out there! I could easily fill entire bookshelfs with these guys.

Pirate Owlie, originally uploaded by Vivika’s Felt Creatures.

baby dragon with blanket, originally uploaded by allysonmmurphy.

Cartney’s present again, originally uploaded by casscette.

Amigurumi Mama Owl, originally uploaded by Pepika.

Smirky, originally uploaded by herzensart.

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Robots in love, originally uploaded by jamesblonde85.

Can be found here.

Zak the Robot Quilt, originally uploaded by bumblev.

Made by bumblev.

robot cupcakes swapped around, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

Made by Hello Naomi.

Made by sewingoma.

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Like most people (or so I tell my husband) I love to peruse Etsy and find all sorts of eye candy that I may or may not be able to afford. I tagged one of Tickled Pink Knits shawls as a favorite two years ago and never fell out of love with it. For a couple seconds one day I toyed with the idea of purchasing the pattern from her pattern shop. After all $8 for the pattern seemed like a steal compared to the price of a ready made shawl but then reality set in. I don’t knit and I certainly can’t knit something this complicated.

Finally this year I decided to ask for a single present from my husband, this shawl. The design is the same although Elena made mine in a dark blue. I figured I should get something more versatile then the mustard yellow one I originally fell in love with. I ordered it in Septemeber to allow plenty of time for production before Christmas, the usual lead time is 6-8 weeks. Elena was the perfect seller, she was happy to customize the color for me, sent me a close up shot to approve before I committed to buy, she communicated frequently and was very responsive to any questions I had. The shawl when I ripped it open on Christmas was gorgeous! I’d highly recommend the shawl and Elena’s shop. The Rocco shawl seems to be what she is most known for but she does carry a vareity of shawls, scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, shrugs and hats.

What are you loving right now?

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