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TH and I went up to MA last weekend to search for vintage finds but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to check out another quilt shop (it’s a sickness I know). The Fabric Stash was only 20 minutes away from Sturbridge, Massachusetts (where we were staying for the night) and is described as

“It is the largest independently owned and operated fabric store in Worcester County (central) Massachusetts. We carry a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, fleece, home dΓ©cor (many Waverly in stock), upholstery and clothing (including Silks, Wools and several other clothing fabrics). We also have a selection of notions, buttons, books, patterns, yarn & knitting supplies, trims, gifts and much more!”

I figured the largest independently owned and operated fabric store in central Massachusetts was definitely a must see. I didn’t remember until we got there that I had already been to this particular fabric store before. It is large based on square footage and floor space, much of which is devoted to a sewing/class space (roughly 1/3- 1/2 of the total space). And as advertised they have a large selection of upholstery fabrics which I have no interest in. What was there of regular quilting weight fabric was not my particular style. But I did manage to find one of the Ghastlie prints!

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I realize that the variety of non-quilting fabrics and the amount of space devoted to sewing and classes is an attempt to broaden their profit capabilities. I understand and respect their need to make a living and think the variety of services they offer is cool if unusual for a fabric shop. But as someone that is simply passing through what really matters to me is the type and variety of quilt fabrics.

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And it seems (Ghastlie print aside) that my taste in fabric is not the same as the person buying for the shop.


I had sticker shock when the lady rang up my half yard of fabric at over $6 with taxes. That makes a yard of quilting cotton $12! I used to buy strictly online when the cost of a yard of fabric was about $8 then the price slowly crept up to $9-$10 a yard which was what I was paying at brick and mortar shops. So I stopped purchasing online and spent most of my money at local quilt shops. But now that prices at local quilt shops are $11-$12 a yard the $8-$9.50 a yard online seems like a steal!

Fat Quarters:

A somewhat sad selection, it was reasonably sized by consisted of prints that I don’t particularly care for.

Customer Service:

There were a lot of people in the shop working on various projects and it took the woman working the counter a minute to stop what she was doing and help me. She was friendly though and even gave me a small handsewn fabric bag to take my fabric home in. I thought that was a great touch and the perfect use for a fabric that they had small pieces of or wasn’t selling particularly well.

I doubt I will stop by here again. It just didn’t carry my style of quilting fabric and while they have a wide selection of other items I don’t have a need for them. I don’t know about you but I prefer to buy notions, batting, thread, and even books during a Joann Fabric sale or with one of their easy to find 40% coupons.

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Part of me is envious of those individuals that have a whole room devoted to their craft, even if that room also doubles as a guest room or office. In the one bedroom apartment that my husband and I share the only space I can craft in is our living room/dining room/entry way which means I have to disguise the madness to prevent my husband from being overwhelmed by my crafty chaos. Which is honestly okay with me because as it is now I can craft and be with my husband and fur babies. I feel like I sew more often because I’m not off in a corner by myself. My husband and I are also into being green and living comfortably on less so it only make sense that we find a way to fit our lives and creative passions into a small apartment. Of course the only way this would be possible is if we have awesome furniture that is beautiful to look but also highly functional. Where better to find such pieces at an affordable prices than Ikea?


This is a combination of seven pieces put together and it cost us about $1,500. That may seem steep but something similiar made of real wood and with this much storage would cost two to three times as much anywhere else and that’s if I could find something remotely similiar. Personally I think it’s almost a steal, since it holds all of this!

20101010 003

Bet you didn’t see that one coming πŸ™‚ Even I forget how much is in there since I rarely open all four doors at once and never while my husband is around πŸ˜‰

I keep my 1/2- 1 yard pieces organized by color on one side along with my craft books and sewing tools. The bottom shelf has my growing stash of solid fabrics and home decorator weight fabrics. You can probably tell it’s a bit messy but I need more space to properly organize it…

20101010 004

The other side holds my fat quarter collection organized by color or fabric collection, interfacing, and pattern pieces (paper and plastic).

20101010 006

Not everything fits inside my Ikea furniture you can see the white cardboard boxes on top that hold in progress quilts (in this case my Single Girl Quilt and my Bee Modern Quilt). Another shelf from Ikea stands behind my sewing table and holds fabric pulls for projects that I haven’t started and my fabric scrap collection.

20101010 008

The “design wall” is a piece of white flannel held up by a couple of pins and usually isn’t up unless I’m working on something that I need to see (in this case the Tokyo Subway Quilt Along). I’d love to say this is everything and pat myself on my back for being so organized and streamlined but I would by lying. I have a set of three plastic drawers in my laundry space that hold in progress quilts that I won’t get to anytime soon and more interfacing. In the garage I have one or two medium sized plastic totes full of Munki Munki PJs that I have only once cut into to… Oh and a large (my husband says giant) roll of batting on the floor of our bedroom closet. In my defense I only buy it when it goes on sale for 40-50% off, so of course I need to buy it in large quantities!

Still I think it’s quite impressive how I’ve managed to work all this into our everyday living space in a functional for me but hidden from my husband way. I can work with everything I need only a few steps away without having it overwhelm our living space and take over our lives! You can see how other people store their fabric on this thread and if you are curious how fast a fabric stash can grow in a year here is what mine looked like a little over a year ago. (In case you are wondering at the time those photos were taken we were living in a 1500 square foot house and I had a seperate room to use as my office/sewing space. But I still kept my sewing machine in the dining room.)

How do you store your fabric?

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Sunday Stash- Cross Quilt, originally uploaded by Make it Modern.

These are the fabrics for my nephew Edward’s quilt. I’m going to make a crass quilt like this. I started with the Groovy Guitars by Michael Miller and a couple of solids from my stash- Carolina Chambray in Pacific, Kona Cotton in Fern and Clover and some random brown of unknown origins πŸ™‚ I added to that Kona Cotton Jade, Azure, Chartreuse, and Zucchini as well as Michael Miller Ring Dot for the binding and Alexander Henry 2-D Zoo for the back. The idea is that most of the quilt front will be the solids with the occasional guitar cross to add interest. I think it’s going to look pretty cool but for now the fabrics are getting shelved while I try to get through a couple other projects on my worktable.

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Sunday Stash- Bicycles, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I travel a lot for work and when I do I try to make time to stop into quilt/fabric shops along the way. I dream of finding some hidden stash of Lush or Flea Market fancy or even random finds like these bicycles. I’m not sure of the designer but I thought this would make a great boy print.

Do you make time to find quilt/fabric shops when you travel? Any cool finds?

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wild thyme, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I’m still debating whether or not to buy more of the prints in this line. These are my favorite but if I wanted to make a quilt out of them I’d want more variety. Hmm…

You can see more stashes here

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I’ve managed to aquire a small stash of japanese fabrics through swaps, too bad I can’t bring myself to cut into any of them…

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Sunday Stash- Japanese Robots, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I’m in love with these small japanese prints! I got these in a swap and I have to say I got the better end of the deal.

Check out more Sunday Stash here.

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