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For the love of Solids Swap Package

Last week I received this swap package from TrilliumDesign but I couldn’t take pictures since I was literally home for about 8 hours. And in fact I’m only home a couple days this time but that’s long enough to take some pics and then take this fabulous tote with me to the conference I’m attending next week.

love of solids 012

I give Caroline a lot of credit since my description for the tote I wanted was something like “not too large but not too small.” And it turned out perfectly! It wil fit my laptop, notebook, and textbook or library book. It also has a nice large interior pocket for pens, notepads etc. But my favorite feature is the place to hook my keys to on the inside of the bag. I hate tossing my keys in a bag and then trying to root around and find them but this way they can go in my bag but be easy to find.

love of solids 005

For this swap we were supposed to make a large item and a small item so Caroline also sent along this pouch which will fit my change, chapstick and loose cash.

But the icing on the cake was the selection of fabric.

love of solids 010

I’m a big Echino fabric so I love these cars and I’ve been going back and forth about buying the Heather Ross guitars so it was an awesome addition.

If you can’t tell I couldn’t be happier with my swap package 🙂


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brimfield 052

One of my favorite things from Brimfield was the vintage advertising. You could tell it was a popular genre because a large number vendors had at least a couple pieces. My one regret was not purchasing some metal typepress advertisements. How cool would it be to take a plain piece of fabric and press a variety of advertisements on it? I think it would be quite cool.

Unfortunately not only did I fail to purchase any of them I also didn’t take any photos. But I did snap shots of some other gems 🙂

Metal signs are always fun. And who doesn’t want to know where they can get candy AND cigarettes?

brimfield 027

brimfield 024

Honestly this wood box scares me, is “improved butter color” really what “makes butter perfect”? Or perhaps it’s the fact that I imagine that the improved color was coming from additives.

brimfield 031

But my absolute favorite advertising aid was this salesmen’s kitchen display set. I can’t even imagine a time when a door to door salesman would come knocking to sell me a new kitchen using a display set from his briefcase. But it sure does look cool!

brimfield 051

What are you in love with today?

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I seem to have a recent obsession with one inch hexagons…. It started with this sewing machine cover

07 sep 11 014

I made it for my partner in the “For the Love of Solids” swap on Flickr. The color scheme was a little mellower than I think she would prefer so I added bit more pop on the back (sans hexagons)

07 sep 11 016

And because she commented on a lot of rainbow items in the pool I made this little mug rug.

Rainbow Mug Rug

Finally I made this from my Modern Meadow scraps. It’s handsewn onto linen and is intended as a present for someone else.

07 sep 11 010

Eventually I guess I’ll need to make something for myself!

I’m thinking about something like this

PTS5 Experiment

or this

pts4 done front

What are you in love with today?

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so tired

TH and I headed down south to visit our newest nephew B. You have to admit he is quite cute. Although you shouldn’t be fooled- he rules with an iron fist

power to the baby

Hehehe! B. is our third nephew and also the youngest at only six weeks. We only got to visit for a couple days but it was nice to hang out with a baby that wanted nothing more than to cuddle. By the time we get to see him again he might even be scooting around on his own.

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18 apr 11 003

I’ve been waiting for this magazine for about a month, I started looking it at the beginning of April even though I knew it wouldn’t come out until mid-month just to make sure I didn’t miss it.

Normally I’m not a big craft magazine person but ever since I saw this quilt I’ve been dying to make it.

Rubik's Crush quilt

Film in the Fridge posted the original quilt months ago and when I saw it was crazy because I had been thinking about a similar idea but a painter’s palette instead of a Rubik’s cube. I filed the picture away with the intention of doing something in between the two ideas until I saw that the pattern would be published. I knew the chances of me getting around to designing my own pattern were slim to none. At least not for the next two years while I’m going to school and working full time!

I didn’t realize the magazine was going to cost $20, a little steep since I only wanted one of the patterns.

18 apr 11 007

I saved $2 because the magazines were on sale but it’s more than I thought I could justify so I’m going to give it to my sister as a birthday gift and borrow it from her to complete this quilt.

My personal budget aside the magazine has a lot of really cool projects.

18 apr 11 005

I saw that quilt months ago and thought it was really cool, it reminds me of living in Colorado and how she did it is neat to see.

18 apr 11 004

There are lots of yoga mat bag patterns available but I like this one because you could use to hold towels for a trip to the beach or a quilt for a picnic!

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Yes, I said It, I love my right to be a little bit negative. Part of my current mood is due to my computer crashing yesterday and knowing that I will not see it until sometime next week. Even when I get it back I may lose all the data on it…. Thankfully I had backed up everything a week ago but between then and my computer crashing I’ve saved some pretty important things that could be gone now.

Since 95% of the work I do is on my computer I called my boss, let him know the situation, and took a couple personal days. I should be excited for the long weekend, I can certainly use the free time to work on Christmas crafting but instead I feel bummed by the forced hiatus.

In the absence of work I spent a lot of time “chatting” on the Flickr discussion boards. My favorite topic is “One line/design whose popularity I completely don’t understand” I love that everyone feels free (myself included) to admit not only do they not like but they don’t understand the popularity of some of the modern designs who are so revered in this group. I’m not trying to put down or diminish the skills, creativity, and hard work of those designers but I don’t think respecting them means I have to like their work or pretend I like it for fear of being judged for my opinion. Not everyone finds this fun, people in various ways implied that this was not a good topic. That it put down designers, that we should focus on what we love. To me the point of the discussion is to embrace our right to different opinions. To say that even if you don’t like some of the “modern” designers you are still welcome in this group. Your opinion, whether or not it coincides with the majority, is welcome here. It is not about putting down designers and in my opinion no one did. No one was rude, insulting, degrading in any way. Most people just said I don’t like x because of the colors or the scale or whatever. I don’t want to belong to a group that in any way sends the message we all have to like the same things or if you don’t you have to keep silent about it.

After all, as I understand it a major part of the drive for the “modern” quilting movement was that they didn’t feel welcomed or accepted by traditional quilters? That they felt ostracized or judged because their taste in fabric and quilts was different? It doesn’t need to be an all or nothing situation. Within any movement or group there is a spectrum of individuals and it is their differences as much as their similarities that make the group better.

What do you think? Is it okay to foster discussion about dislikes or is it better to focus on the positive? Whether you or agree or disagree please say so but be respectful when you do so.

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I’m traveling again today so I thought I would share some of the awesome artwork I’ve found on Etsy lately. I don’t know about you but my walls could always use a little more ornamentation.

For sale here.

At first glance I realize it comes off a bit creepy but TH is a nursing student and I know he would appreciate the literalness of it.

For sale here.

I love the colors in this one.

Similar prints for sale here.

I think this actually looks like a grown up version of the one before. Unfortunately she’s not available any more.

For sale here.

This one just makes me smile when I look at it.

What’s making you smile today?

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