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I have a slight obsession with license plates and I’m not really sure why. But I want one of these in the worst way (well not enough to pay thousand of dollars for one)


For awhile I was collecting license plates to make one of these but I lost interest when I realized I would have to start paying more then a couple dollars per plate. Many of the ones I found online cost $10-$20 and when you are trying to make a map of the US that adds up pretty quickly.

Of course it would also be neat to do this-

Mike Wilkins - Preamble

But I won’t be able to find those plates so that’s out… I have enough plates for this

Iowa Mailbox

but we live in an apartment so maybe I’ll make one of these


There is even a tutorial here 🙂

But what I’ve really alway wanted was a purse like one of these!

State License Plate Purse & CD Case

And if I really wanted to go overboard I could do something like this-

"House on Plates"

and a close up

All numbered up...


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