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29 aug 11 004

I know that sometimes the fabric can make the pattern and vice versa so I imagine when someone makes a quilt in a pattern that makes people fall in love with the fabric the designers are both very happy. But when someone takes a quilt pattern and goes in the opposite direction of the designers aesthetic I have to wonder if that makes the pattern designer happy or horrified.

29 aug 11 003

This quilt pattern is from Boo Davis’ book “Dare to be Square” and her style can probably be summed up as modern rock and roll with a tagline of “made with hate”. I have to think a rock and roller would not want her edgy mostly solid owl turned into a patchwork of pastel florals copied from vintage sheet designs. But I guess that’s the risk you run when you publish a pattern or release a fabric line.

The designer’s preference aside I think the fabric and pattern work beautifully together. It’s actually not at all my usual style either…. But something about these not to sweet prints were calling my name a year or so ago and I went ahead and purchased a fat quarter set of the entire line! This quilt (in case you were curious) barely put a dent in my stack.

The book was a Christmas present last year and I always knew the first project I would tackle would be the owl. But until now I couldn’t decide on a color scheme and while I like the two-color mostly solid with edited addition of monochromatic prints featured in the book I didn’t have any small scale prints that would suit. So I went to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and fell in love!

I thought about gifting this to my sister if she is having a girl but I think I might just have to keep it instead…

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I love making baby quilts, I get to use fun colors and interesting designs but on a much more manageable scale then an adult sized quilt. But until now I have never finished a quilt before the baby was born. Usually I shoot for finishing them before the baby turns one but I routinely miss that deadline as well… I “justify” it by saying that parents taste tends to change after the baby is born and that as the baby grows things that are cute when they are newborn are too cutesy even a year later so really I’m doing parents a favor by waiting. Plus babies gets tons of blankets when they are born so my quilts don’t get lost in the crowd if I wait. But really I just haven’t been able to get the time and creative energy to make a quilt before a baby was born even if I had seven months notice!

11 mar 11 082

So when my SIL announced her pregnancy at Thanksgiving and said that although they didn’t know the gender they were firmly decided on the colors I knew I needed to get working right away. My original plan was to make two quilts and then give her the gender appropriate one. Luckily for me I worked on the boy quilt first and while I was still working on it she found out she is having a boy. Unluckily for me once they knew the gender and started shopping they completely changed the colors of the nursery… I knew there were good reasons to wait!! But when she changed her colors the quilt was 2/3 done and TH really loves it and since it’s his sister’s child she is getting this quilt! I never expected it to be the crib quilt anyway so the dark brown of this quilt will lend itself well to being used on the floor so the baby can lay, roll, and eventually crawl around a bit. I also think though appropriate for a newborn it is sophisticated enough to be used for a couple years. But from here on out I think I’m going back to “waiting” (procrastinating) until babies are born before making a quilt.

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A Story about Brown

Some colors I’ve loved all my life and some I love intensely for a short period of time, brown falls into the latter category. For about a year I loved brown, I started wearing brown clothes, I painted some of my furniture brown, and I bought LOTS of brown solid fabric to make a quilt for my brother. I bought 6 or 7 yards in fact and (you guessed it) never used it. By the time I was inspired to put fabric and thread together and make a quilt for my brother my love affair with brown had long since ended. So this giant chunk of brown fabric has sat in the back corner of my fabric shelves for years. I’ve pulled it out a couple times but always put it right back in favor of blue or gray or cream.

Then 2011 rolled around and my budget tightened up so I decided to use what I’ve got when it’s time to make a quilt. I figure even if I don’t love brown lots of people do including my sister in law. Which works out fabulously since she announced this past Thanksgiving that she is pregnant. If the baby is a girl she wants to decorate in pink and brown and if it is a boy blue and brown. I was going to wait until she found out the gender to get started but I couldn’t wait and whichever quilt isn’t given to her will be donated. So it works out for everyone 🙂

For the boy quilt I pulled out my Philadelphia Modern Quilt Quild Project Pure quilt. I had one charm pack and one yard of fabric of my choosing to make a quilt top. I didn’t really like how it came out, the fabric wasn’t my style and I felt limited in my choices since I was using precuts. On the other hand my husband loves it and it would be a quilt for his sister so I added a dark brown border and called it good. I like it better with the dark brown but I’m still not in love…

02032010 016

The back will be more of the dark brown solid which barely put a dent in my stash of the stuff…

I won’t be able to baste this until this weekend so I started cutting squares for the girl quilt. 240 3 inch squares to be exact.

02032010 004

I wish I had the rest of the fabric on hand since I was motivated to get started but my fabric stash has already been moved down to VA in anticipation of our move so I’ll have to wait until this weekend to get it and bring it back home.

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It's A Hoot Mini Quilt

Tell me the truth, am I the only that’s made a quilt for a pet?

I guess it isn’t technically a quilt since there isn’t any batting, it’s backed and “filled” with fleece. I made our dog a quilt because our house in the winter gets pretty cold. TH and I like it to be that way when we sleep so we can curl up under the covers but that leaves the dog out in the cold. Now she can curl up under her own quilt.

I made this using a charm pack of It’s a Hoot by Momo. I bought it a couple weeks ago so I could see all the prints in the line and decide which ones I would buy yardage of. For about $7 I think it was worth it since I wouldn’t have had any opportunity to see the prints in person otherwise. But I still wanted to do something with it. Normally I think a simple patchwork square quilt like this is a little plain jane but since our puppy is likely to chew and terrorize this one I’m okay with that.

What did you make this weekend?

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20100923 009

The biggest gripe I have with most online fabric shops is the fact that they don’t sell fat quarters! I personally find myself drawn to, and thus want to create, quilts that have a lot of different fabrics. I’m only two plus years into this hobby and one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get variety in my stash is to purchase fat quarters, when I can that is.

Lucky for me (and you) there is the Fat Quarter Shop.

20100923 008


The selection relies heavily on Moda and although it is called the “Fat Quarter Shop” they don’t actually sell fat quarters of all their fabrics. 😦 What they specialize in is fat quarter bundles of various collections as well as all the whole spectrum of precuts that Moda has to offer. On one hand this means I can get a fat quarter bundle of most of the hip, new collections, on the other I don’t usually want to purchase every single print in a collection and would prefer the ability to purchase individual fat quarters. The smallest cut you can purchase of an individual fabric is 1/2 yard. Although their primary focus seems to be Moda they also sell some of the most popular fabric collections from other manufacturers like Free Spirit, Alexander Henry, Michael Miller, and Riley Blake to name a few.

They do offer some unique features such as the ability to view the “top sellers” and fabrics that are “almost gone.” I love the idea of both since I don’t know about every single fabric line that has come out and seeing what everyone else is buying gives me an idea of what’s out there and popular. The almost gone section lets you know if you need to purchase something now before it goes out of stock. You can also shop by collection, designer and theme which is cool although I really wish they (and other fabric shops) would allow you to shop by color. Finally the Fat Quarter Shop offers a whole variety of fat quarter clubs, block of the month clubs, quilt kits, and exclusive quilt patterns.

Price by the Yard:

-1 yard cuts cost between $8.50 and $9.50
– Fat Quarter bundles depend on tne number of prints varying from $30 to $100

The price by the yard is steep for an online shop and I would only purchase yardage here if I couldn’t find it anywhere else but the fat quarter bundles are reasonably priced and you can’t find most of them elsewhere.


“All orders placed before 3 pm CST will be shipped the same business day unless notified otherwise. If orders are placed on a weekend or holiday, they will be shipped the next business day.

All UPS Ground orders to the contiguous US are upgraded to 3 business day shipping at no additional charge.
Every product shown on our website is currently in stock and can be shipped today unless noted.

If you’d like your package shipped on a certain date or a certain way, just let us know, we are happy to fulfill your request!”


They have a newsletter which I subscribed to a month or so ago. It’s nice but since this shop features Moda heavily and I don’t like most Moda lines I only browse the newsletter for discount notifcations. They also have a blog, and again if you like a lot of Moda lines then you will like the blog. They feature various fabric lines, show different projects etc. and it looks like they blog pretty regularly which is always cool. A neat feature are the email notifications you can sign up for to find out when certain things come in stock (which is how I snapped up this fat quarter bundle of Dream On)

This was the first time I’ve ever purchased a fat quarter bundle or a charm pack and I’ve yet to use either. I’m not sure that I’m a fan of precuts, to me the appeal is that you can get every print in a line at a reasonable price because you are getting smaller cuts. However, I don’t often make quilts using only one fabric line and I don’t often love an entire fabric line. I would be much more likely to shop here if they offered fat quarters of individual prints versus bundles but the large variety of fabric collections and products is appealing.

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I didn’t get a chance to work on my pincushions today because I got sidetracked fabric shopping. I travel a lot for work and when I do I try to make time to visit local quilt shops because you never know what you will find.

Today I scored Lush, Heather Ross, and American Jane Wee Play for around $9 a yard each. I bought 10 1/2 yards and had to stop myself. I almost bought the entire bolts of the Sky Painter’s Palette and Deer but I forced myself to behave.

They had some other hard to find fabrics and a lot of current prints that I love. It’s a good thing this store isn’t right down the street!

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I’ve been eying this fabric for a little while now and I was tempted to purchase a couple charm packs to make a simple quilt. Realistically though I have enough quilt ideas bouncing around in my head and I need to think of some other projects. I think this fabric is perfect to make this summer top.

Squareneck ruffle top, originally uploaded by madebyrae.

What’s even better is that Made by Rae posted free instructions to make it. It looks easy enough to make and once I’m done binding a quilt and cutting up my fabric for my bee I’d like to get started on it.

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