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quiting bee blocks 004, originally uploaded by Indie House.

I’ve decided to try paper piecing. I’ve been simultaneously captivated by and afraid of this block since I first saw it on another blog. I never would have tried it accept I’m slightly more afraid of piecing circles 😉

This month’s task for Bee Modern was to make “hug” blocks and “kiss” blocks and I ended up using triangles for both.

Kisses Bee Modern December

The “kiss” took some finessing but I’ve made zig zags before so I wasn’t totally out of my element.

Originally I was going to simply applique rings onto a solid block but I didn’t have a piece of fabric large enough to serve as the base for the block so I decided to go ahead and give paper piecing a shot.

quiting bee blocks 002

It took me three tries to get one finished block. I kept underestimating the size of fabric needed for each section in a vain attempt to prevent fabric waste. After that I made sure to cut extra large pieces, I wasted more fabric but I saved my own sanity. Ideally I would have used the same solid for the entire background but I didn’t have enough (even before my multiple messups) so I made do with what I had and it ended up much more of a collage then I intended. I still like it and I’m quite proud of my accomplishment!

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