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canonjuly09 240, originally uploaded by Indie House.

One of the perks of starting a quilting bee is getting to have your blocks created first. The downside is that you are then expected to turn around and turn them into a quilt first.

canonjuly09 245

Here are almost all of the blocks laid out (I’m still missing one) and I have to say this was really hard to photograph! I ended up laying them out on the kitchen floor and then standing on the dining room table. The picture isn’t fabulous but you get the idea.

canonjuly09 243

You can see better pictures of the individual blocks here.

My plan is to square these up and start sashing them. I’m going to border each with 2 inches of white and 6 inches of blue to tone down the overall look a bit. I’m also being a slacker and trying to make it into a larger quilt without making too many more blocks 🙂

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I’ve been following a couple virtual quilting bees on flickr and now their is a photo group for all the quilting bee blocks– talk about eye candy! The thing is I didn’t just want to watch others, I wanted to participate but how? It seemed like the most popular bees were invitation only and being a new quilter I wasn’t going to get one of those. I managed to find one bee starting up in the Sew Mama Sew Forums but they are still collecting members and it’s been a couple weeks. If you don’t know this about me already I don’t possess a lot of patience, so I want to join a bee now! I found another one in this discussion group (created solely for people to find open bees) but I was like the second person on the wait list and I didn’t really expect to make the cut. Since I’m not a sit and wait by the phone kind of girl I decided to start my own bee. I posted a discussion thread here and within a matter of days I had enough people for a bee. Very exciting! We are in the process of getting organized now but we already have our name, Bee Modern, and our flickr group.

Well, when it rains it pours and I just found out they do have room for me at Snip, Sew, Send so I’m now participating in two bees! All things considered I figured I “needed” to get busy and buy some fabric. Nevermind that I don’t know what months I will have or if in the interim I may (and frequently do) change my mind.

Close Up White Fabrics

My idea isn’t totally original but rather a modification of something I’ve seen done in a couple other quilting bees. Other people have done wonky log cabin blocks with a variety of fabrics and asked participants to put a bird (using applique or embroidery) on the block. I want rectangular log cabin blocks, about the size of regular paper, using shades of dark blue and tone on tone whites. The birds will be Michael Miller Mirror Ball Silver on every block. I can’t find a picture on flickr but I’ll post one once the fabric arrives.

Varigated Silver thread for Bee Modern Blocks

I also found a varigated silver thread that I may use for the quilting. I think only using three colors, very subtle prints, and solids is going to make a beautifully modern quilt that is elegant in it’s simplicity. As for my second set of blocks, I’m not sure. I’m thinking something for J. perhaps red crosses on a white background…

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