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I finally finished diassembling, trimming, squaring and reassembling my Single Girl quilt top it was time consuming but it needed to be done!

02 apr 11 002

I don’t know that pink goes especially well with the rest of the fabrics but I needed to go with a solid fabric to save money so I wanted to pick something I really liked. Something about the one inch square of Petal kept calling my name so never having seen it in person I went ahead and purchased five yards. I had a minor heart attack when I heard it described as cotton candy pink on another blog but was pleased when it arrived and it was exactly like the one inch square. I can see how someone might describe it as cotton candy pink but it has more purple in it, it’s really hard to describe…

Having invested so much time and money into this quilt i decided to hand quilt it. I’ve been wanting a project I could work on while hanging out on the couch and this will be perfect for that. I’m not sure how long this will take me since I’ve only ever hand quilted a baby quilt but I’m not in a rush.

02 apr 11 005

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I’m not a single girl and haven’t been for awhile now but I fell in love with Denyse Schmidt’s Single Girl Pattern shortly after I started quilting. I spent over a year collecting fabrics but when I finally got to sew it together it looked horrible! I tried to just live it with it and finish it but the Single Girl Support Group was the kick in the pants I needed to pull out the seam ripper and take this quilt top from this

02032010 017

Back down to arcs and then reassembled to this

7 mar 11 009

See how much flatter it lays now? Instead of using the edge as a guide for my stiches I drew a 1/2 in seam allowance and then stiched along that resulting in a much better fit between the blocks that form the rings.

I have 11 of of the 12 rings assembled so now I just need to reassemble the rows. It was a lot of work but it will be much easier to quilt now and I feel much happier with how it is coming together. For a quilt that takes so much time I definitely want to love it when it is done!

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20101025 004

I promised myself when I finished the Flying Geese Quilt that I would start working on my Single Girl Quilt again. I had cut most of the fabric pieces for the arches weeks ago but hadn’t touched it since. Friday I finished cutting the pieces for the arches and started to sew them together. Saturday I finished piecing the arches together and started cutting the inner and outer background pieces. Since I had to cut out 48 of each I alternated between cutting the background pieces out and starting to assemble the quarter ring blocks.

Sunday I pieced together 12 quarter ring blocks and 24 arches to their inner background piece. You would not believe how long it takes to pin each arch to the background pieces! I had some puckering which was frustrating but I pressed on (literally, I stopped sewing and switched to ironing). I love how the rings look as they come together and I adore the background fabric I found but I’m starting to wonder about the sizing. I decided to make the twin sized quilt which is three rings wide by four rings long with a small border on the top and bottom. But as I look at one partially pieced ring it just doesn’t look like it is going to be wide enough…. I thought about going back and cutting more pieces to make it queen sized but the thought of cutting out 128 more pieces for the arches is just too daunting.

My original goal was to have this whole top pieced this weekend but the pinning really slowed me down so now I’m shooting to have it assmebled by Friday.

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New Single Girl Quilt Fabric, originally uploaded by Shear Delight.

I actually bought a couple more fabrics this week for my single girl quilt but they haven’t arrived yet so I guess I’ll post those next week. I think I’m up to 15 or 16 of the 30 plus fabrics I need… I bought the dark blue fabric (Caspian in Deep Sea) online to use as the binding for the quilt. The purply fabric was purchased while traveling for work in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I like the idea of having fabric from quilt shops all over the northeast (since I travel all over the northeast for work) so I’m trying to make a point to stop at more quilt shops.

I also purchased this, this week.

Tula Pink Neptune Anchor Strip in Pacific

I had to spend $35 to qualify for free shipping and I’ve been in love with this fabric for awhile. I have no idea what I will do with it but I’d much rather spend money on fabric then shipping!

Want to show off your Stash? Join the Sunday Stash at 1/4 of an inch.

Wanna see more stash? Check out the Sunday Stash flickr group.

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I keep falling in love with patterns that require ALOT of fabric. First it was the color wheel and now the Single Girl, I just can’t help myself. I did learn my lesson with the color wheel- don’t attempt to purchase 3o-40 fabrics all at once. I have fabric that I don’t really like and don’t know what to do with. In fact those napkins were made from fabric I bought on a “bender” for an all blue color wheel (but don’t tell my mother or heaven forbid mother-in-law that!).
I was inspired by this quilt

Double Wedding Ring blocks, originally uploaded by the workroom.

She’s making a double wedding ring quilt but you can see from the picture above how beautiful it would be as a Single Girl. (And yes I realize I’m totally stealing her quilt…) Honestly until I saw her design I never would have thought to use a subtle design as a background fabric. By itself, it’s a little plain jane, but as a backdrop for the pops of brighter colors and more modern designs I adore it.
In addition to the background fabric I’m also going to use some Neptune (but only the aqua colorway) and some Good Folks. I’ve already added to that some Lecien My Folklore and Tina Givens. Instead of red I want to have more fushias and pinks and deep purple. I’m also going to add shot cottons in each of the major colors, right now I’m thinking aqua, deep purple, and deep pink. I’ve got ten fabrics down and twenty five more to go… But this time I’m doing it slowly. In the meantime I can perfect my piecing and my curve sewing.

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