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Alexander Henry Christmas fabric

I was cruising the aisles today at my local Jo-Ann’s when I spied this fabric. I was quite suprised since it was printed last year and I remember snagging the last yard of it from Jo-Ann’s this past January. I had an intense desire to buy the whole bolt (6 yards) because I love this fabric and it was on sale for 30% off but I “behaved” and only bought two yards. I would have bought more if I thought I would use it anytime this year but I won’t. I already have an idea for a two sided Christmas quilt so I won’t need yardage for that. The two yards I bought will make some nice pillow or a table runner or maybe even a Christmas tree skirt.

I didn’t think Alexander Henry (the fabric’s manufacturer) was reprinting Christmas fabric from last year but I guess I shouldn’t be too suprised since I also found this fabric again this year.


I must say I think it is interesting that more and more fabric manufacturers are choosing to reprint popular lines. The most well known is the upcoming Flea Market Fancy by Free Spirit but in the coming months we will also see another round of Mono Pez and Henna Garden and this summer Alexander Henry released another round of the Ghastlies. While I’m glad manufacturers are choosing to reprint I agree with many others that I wish they wouldn’t “tweak” the colors or only rerelease certain prints. I’m very disappointed in the Flea Market Fancy rerelease. You can see 19 of the 20 prints that will be released here. I really wanted the green posies and the blue seeds, neither of which looks like made the cut :(. I’ll probably buy a 1/2 yard of four or five prints. To be honest I’m more interested in what everyone else does! The madness is sure to be exciting, I just need to make sure I don’t get caught up in it and buy more than I really want.

Are you looking forward to any rereleases?

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new fabric 002

I had time to check out a couple fabric stores while traveling the past couple of weeks. All of the above fabrics were found in the sale section of New England Fabrics in Keene, New Hampshire.

The easiest way to describe this fabric shop is an independently owned Jo-Ann Fabrics. It’s not affiliated with Jo-Ann’s in any way that’s just what it reminded me of. The quilting fabric selection had a lot of novelty prints and mostly brightly colored fabrics. There was also a small selection of Michael Miller fabrics. In addition to quilting weight fabric they also stock apparel and home decorator fabric, notions, yarn, and a small book selection. I was excited to finally get to see Block Party in person! I didn’t purchase the book nor had I intended to but I’ve been curious enough to want to flip through it. If you aren’t familiar with the concept the book talks about the modern quilting bee movement and gives instructions on how to make the 12 quilts these ladies made during their bee. It’s a novel concept for a quilting book but none of the patterns really spoke to me.

The only thing I found that I really wanted to purchase at New England Fabrics came from the large sale section. I’ve seen all three of these fabrics online but didn’t want them enough to pay full price. For sale prices from $2.99 to $5.99 a yard I literally could not say no! I have no clue what I will do with them but for the price I’m happy to keep them in my stash.

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brimfield 022

Imagine my surprise and joy at seeing that sign! While I’m not generally a vintage fabric lover I knew I had to at least stop and look. I quickly fell in love and while they were $18 a yard that’s really not that bad since today’s fabric is $12 a yard! Plus I saved 20% for spending over $25.

brimfield 066

The purple/gray plaid is going to go in the bed quilt I’m making for TH and myself. I love the idea of including something vintage that we found on a weekend away together and the colors couldn’t be more perfect. But since I’ll only need a 1/2 yard for the quilt I decided I “needed” another coordinating fabric and some trim for “future projects.”

I also came home with these giant wooden spools.They were $4-$6 a piece and (despite having a HUGE collection of them that no one else seemed to be buying)the woman was not willing to negotiate. In fact she rolled her eyes at me when I asked. If there had been another vendor with these spools I would have gone elsewhere but I didn’t have a choice about where to purchase so I simply purchased less. I understand she has to make a living and if she had simply said the prices were not negotiable then it would have been one thing. But we were at a show, on the second to last day, and everyone else was slashing prices up to 50% so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to her that I asked about a discount. Oh well.

brimfield2 003

Anyway, how awesome are they? I plan on winding homemade bias tape around them! And now that we have a few TH can see if he can replicate some for me.

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jun 24 11 245

Can you believe this is my first online fabric order since winter?!? I don’t even look online anymore since we are trying to keep to a budget but I couldn’t resist the Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. I missed out on them last year and wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice! Of course I still want the green ones so I may have to scope out Etsy and see what I can find.

I’m trying to be better about not buying fabric collections as a whole unless I have a specific plan in mind. I’ve seen “I Do” by Cherry House a couple times and although most people probably wouldn’t think of the Ghastlies and an “I Do” quilt I think it could be really interesting.

I Do - full view

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18 apr 11 002

Depending on my schedule I will try and find local quilt shops when I travel for work, unfortunately I haven’t had the time for the past couple months and I almost didn’t stop this time. But I had noticed Quilter’s Way on as I was driving to my appointment and knew I would have to drive past it again on my way out of town. I figured that was just to convenient to pass up!

When I went inside I was in heaven! I’ve never even been in a brick and mortar quilt shop that carried Echino before! They also had a nice selection of Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler and the more “modern” Moda lines like It’s a Hoot and Sherbert Pips. I didn’t need any fabric and I’ve been trying not to spend any money lately but I felt the need to do so in a shop that fits my style so well. Too many quilt shops seem to ignore the modern designers, I think when you come across one that doesn’t that it is important to support them.

If you are ever in or near West Concord, Massachusetts you should definitely check it out 🙂

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Part of me is envious of those individuals that have a whole room devoted to their craft, even if that room also doubles as a guest room or office. In the one bedroom apartment that my husband and I share the only space I can craft in is our living room/dining room/entry way which means I have to disguise the madness to prevent my husband from being overwhelmed by my crafty chaos. Which is honestly okay with me because as it is now I can craft and be with my husband and fur babies. I feel like I sew more often because I’m not off in a corner by myself. My husband and I are also into being green and living comfortably on less so it only make sense that we find a way to fit our lives and creative passions into a small apartment. Of course the only way this would be possible is if we have awesome furniture that is beautiful to look but also highly functional. Where better to find such pieces at an affordable prices than Ikea?


This is a combination of seven pieces put together and it cost us about $1,500. That may seem steep but something similiar made of real wood and with this much storage would cost two to three times as much anywhere else and that’s if I could find something remotely similiar. Personally I think it’s almost a steal, since it holds all of this!

20101010 003

Bet you didn’t see that one coming 🙂 Even I forget how much is in there since I rarely open all four doors at once and never while my husband is around 😉

I keep my 1/2- 1 yard pieces organized by color on one side along with my craft books and sewing tools. The bottom shelf has my growing stash of solid fabrics and home decorator weight fabrics. You can probably tell it’s a bit messy but I need more space to properly organize it…

20101010 004

The other side holds my fat quarter collection organized by color or fabric collection, interfacing, and pattern pieces (paper and plastic).

20101010 006

Not everything fits inside my Ikea furniture you can see the white cardboard boxes on top that hold in progress quilts (in this case my Single Girl Quilt and my Bee Modern Quilt). Another shelf from Ikea stands behind my sewing table and holds fabric pulls for projects that I haven’t started and my fabric scrap collection.

20101010 008

The “design wall” is a piece of white flannel held up by a couple of pins and usually isn’t up unless I’m working on something that I need to see (in this case the Tokyo Subway Quilt Along). I’d love to say this is everything and pat myself on my back for being so organized and streamlined but I would by lying. I have a set of three plastic drawers in my laundry space that hold in progress quilts that I won’t get to anytime soon and more interfacing. In the garage I have one or two medium sized plastic totes full of Munki Munki PJs that I have only once cut into to… Oh and a large (my husband says giant) roll of batting on the floor of our bedroom closet. In my defense I only buy it when it goes on sale for 40-50% off, so of course I need to buy it in large quantities!

Still I think it’s quite impressive how I’ve managed to work all this into our everyday living space in a functional for me but hidden from my husband way. I can work with everything I need only a few steps away without having it overwhelm our living space and take over our lives! You can see how other people store their fabric on this thread and if you are curious how fast a fabric stash can grow in a year here is what mine looked like a little over a year ago. (In case you are wondering at the time those photos were taken we were living in a 1500 square foot house and I had a seperate room to use as my office/sewing space. But I still kept my sewing machine in the dining room.)

How do you store your fabric?

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2010220801 007

I worked so hard yesterday to get all the quilting done on my birdcage quilt that I think I strained a leg muscle! But I managed to get it all done and while most of this quilt has been frustrating I really enjoyed designing the quilting for it. My plan is to bind it and bury all the threads today so I can check this off my Christmas crafting list before I start anything else.

In anticipation of the finish I pulled a stack of fabric for my next quilt. When I was growing up my mom always stressed the importance of giving back and being thankful for all the gifts and priveleges I’ve been given. Every year we gave presents to local charities and its something I’ve carried into my adult life. But for the past couple of years I’ve regretted that I didn’t have the time to donate handmade gifts. It’s in fact part of the reason I decided to start my Christmas crafting in July. Not only does starting early allow me time to give all of my love ones a handmade gift, it also allows me to time to make gifts to donate. I’m not sure how many items or what kind I will end up making but I figure a quilt is a good start. It’s also a good way to use up fabric from my stash for a good cause. I don’t have as impressive a stash as some but I’ve been feeling like it’s getting out of hand. Since the fabrics aren’t hard to find I can’t swap them and I don’t do enough crafting to use them up for myself or friends and family so this feels like the perfect solution.

Do you ever do any crafting for charity? Do you plan on donating any items this holiday season?

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