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I’m traveling for work most of this week so not much crafting will get done. While I may not craft every day when I’m home something about not being able to do it makes me miss it more. Times like these I like to brainstorm new projects 🙂 Right now I’m feeling very inspired by text.

Me & You Show Sign
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I love lit signs and this homemade one is a tempting project if I could find a better way to disguise the multiple cords. You can find a tutorial here.

The Stars at Night
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I love, love this idea. I’ve been stumped about what to make my middle brother (he’s very emo, hipster) but I know he’d love some song lyrics on something like this. Hmmm…. I know his favorite band but I bet I could find some quotes or lyrics on his facebook page.

something's hiding in here
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This is from the “your message here” art installations. Click on the link and check it out- very cool!

new banner, new blog
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This sign is more my sister’s style, maybe I’ll make signs for everyone for Christmas 😉

Kisses quilt number 2
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I want to find a way to incorporate more text in my quilts but I’m not game for free piecing letters like this. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s awesome but the idea of it kind of makes my head hurt. Of course I’m not really game for appliqueing a bunch of letters on so….. I guess I won’t be doing any quilts with text in the near future!

This makes me want to learn to embroider. (Sorry I can’t post the picture here, they don’t allow it.)

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This is the picture that inspired me to make these

Felt Letter Magnet Tutorial

You can find the tutorial here.

Love, Love, Love
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I’d like someone to buy me this (pretty please?)

this is how i roll
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It makes me smile every time I look at it!

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I’d love the opportunity to walk around the neon boneyard in Las Vegas and take photos of all the old signs. It would be a “sin” not to (okay corny I know…)

What’s inspiring you lately?


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