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17 oct 11 006

I missed out on the Alexander Henry Ghastlies prints last year so I made sure to purchase them when they were rereleased this year! I even knew when I bought them that I wanted use them with the I Do pattern from Cherri House. I think the large piecing and simpe design of the quilt works beautifully with these fabrics.

The original pattern called for 12 prints and 12 solids but I felt that would look too busy. I’m not a super scrappy quilt type person. Ultimately I used 12 prints, nine from the Ghastlies and three that I had in my stash. I’ve cut way back on my fabric purchasing this year by focusing on buying fabric that I love. Rather than purchase twelve new prints because that’s what the pattern called for I bought the nine prints I loved. And I think the three prints from my stash work beautifully!

17 oct 11 004

Since the color scheme of the Ghastlies prints is fairly limited and I prefer a limited palette I only used six solids- white, black, two shades of gray and two shades of pink. I wasn’t sold on the pink at first but I went with my gut and LOVE the results. I’m not normally a pink person but this is an exception.

My goal is to have this finished by Halloween but between work and school I think next Halloween is probably a more realistic goal!

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In celebration of my recent birthday I’ve decided to clean out the WIP (work in progress) pile. I’m someone that prefers to finish a project before moving on to the next but for a variety of reasons these projects all got set aside.

Except for the quilt tops which needs to be quilted (those are completely out of hand) the pile isn’t really too bad.

Starting from the oldest I have this quilt top from Bee Modern 1 (I bowed out 2/3 of the way through but some of the other ladies went on to finish a second round) which still needs a back. I started piecing the middle strip but couldn’t decide how I wanted to piece the navy blue sections. I thought about piecing a variety of blues in a variety of widths and lengths (the same way I did the border on the front) but that just feels like too much. So this weekend I went a purchased yardage of basic navy blue and I’m going to use that.

canonjuly09 004

Next up is the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. I started this before we moved! I originally got frustrated with the cording and then put it away “for the move.” My new goal is to have this finished and use it on my upcoming trip to Denver. I got quite a bit done on it this weekend but it certainly involved a lot of four letter words! Me and my sewing machine were made for quilting not luggage making.

07 sep 11 034

Third is this quilt made from the Echino bird print. Since it’s small I thought it would be a good time to try my hand at free motion quilting on my regular machine. I made it through three flowers and while I was certainly getting better it was not an enjoyable experience for me and this quilt has sat for months waiting to have the quilting finished. This weekend I admitted that I will never finish free motion quilting it so I ripped out all of the quilting and plan to do random straight lines.

Finally I have


03 apr 11 004


Lush Rubik's Cube [expored!]


Kona Curry and Modern Meadow

07 aug 112 020


29 aug 11 003

Quilt tops that I paired with quilt backs and now need to take some time on the longarm to complete.

Once all these projects get done the only outstanding work in progress I will have is the hand quilting on my Single Girl but I’m not planning on rushing my way through that.

I’m trying to make myself finish all this before I start anything new but it’s hard! TH got me a framed purse kit for my birthday and since it’s such a quick project I could definitely finish it before Denver. And those quilts…. considering my work travel schedule it will take me weeks to finish longarming them. Do I really want to wait? Of course if I don’t and I do start another quilt I’ll just have that many more to get through. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll try to stick to non quilt projects until I work through my pile. We shall see.

What’s on your worktable today?

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Blue with a punch of purple

I’m participating in a blind swap which is always challenging. On one hand you don’t want to give the person exactly what they have asked for because that’s not really that fun but on the other you want them to like what you make them.

The smart and recommended course of action is to post in progress photos (this is also generally appreciated by swap hosts as they like continuous participation). But when you do so and your partner doesn’t comment…. well that’s tricky. My partner said she liked some of things in the picture in her original questionnaire and nothing was listed as something she hated…. I’m thinking I’ll just keep going and see if she comments on my next in progress photo and if she doesn’t then I might switch gears. I realize she could have overlooked the photo or something innocuous like that but I also know that sometimes if there is a photo in the group I really don’t like then I just won’t comment and hope that it isn’t destined for me. Oh me oh my….


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18 apr 11 008

Here is the start of the reverse side of my modern meadow wheel quilt. I’m pretty excited to see it come together, not quite so excite about cutting 210 7 inch squares. This one may take me awhile….

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Do you think Amy Butler carries a small purse? I mean 95% of her bag and purse patterns are HUGE so I think it would be funny if in real life she carries a little purse or even a wristlet.

I bought the Echino bird fabric specifically for this project and when the new Fall 2010 Echino fabrics came out (and I proceeded to splurge on 5 1/2 yards of it) I decided it was time to make this bag. I find it challenging to work on a project because I “need” to get it done, instead of sitting down for hours at a time I’ll work on projects like this for 30 minutes here and there. I actually think this strategy works well for the prep phase of Amy Butler projects. If you look at pattern reviews of any of her bags you will notice people complain or at least make note of the massive amount of time it takes to cut out the fabric, interfacing, fusible fleece etc etc. Me, I’m not into marathon cutting sessions so I work my way through this phase slowly and only when I’m ready to get down to the actual sewing will I sit down for a couple hours and power through.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wanting to make this bag for a long time and have had the fabric set aside for awhile. I even made sure to purchase all the interfacing during one of JoAnn’s 40% off sales. But I’m not making it now because I need the bag, I making it now because I’m worried that my stash is getting out of hand.

Am I the only one that has noticed the destashing bug that seems to be going around? I can think of 5 or 6 ladies off the top of my head who recently opened Etsy stores or announced their destashing on Flickr. Some need the money for everyday living expensese, some have gotten interested in other hobbies, and some have realized they will simply never use all the fabric that they have. I’m a big fan of a varied stash, especially since all my favorite quilt patterns call for a couple DOZEN different fabrics, but I don’t want to spend money on fabric just to have it. Putting aside the fact that fabric sitting on a shelf for years isn’t doing anyone any good, there is the simple fact that the money spent on it was essentially wasted. Sometimes destashing can result in money made but many times you break even or come out a little ahead. When you think about what you could have spent that money on or the interest that money could have been making for the past couple years you realize how wasteful it can be to have a stash of fabric that you don’t use.

I’m not planning, nor do I think I need to destash. But I have been making a concerted effort to sew from my stash, complete the projects I specifically purchased fabric for (like the Weekender) and be much more selective about the fabric I buy. The reality is I love lots of fabric and even if I don’t get “enough” fabric from a fabric line if I wait a couple months I will fall in love again. Instead of spending money on yards and yards of one collection I would rather buy a little bit of each one and make things that pull those pieces together into cohesive projects. I realize that this means I may want to make a quilt or project in a year or so and find myself short of a certain print or collection but instead of worrying about what might be I’d rather face that challenging should it occur.

What are your thoughts on fabrics stashes? Are you a bigger means better person? Are you a fan of a smaller, curated stash? Do you keep it super simple and only buy fabric for specific projects?

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My cats have lodged a complaint with their union representative, their charge is cat abuse!

Exhibit A: A brand new puppy bed made for the newest member of the household.

20100929 001

The cats firmly believe that dogs should always come second to them and are highly offended that we would invest time and effort into a project for the dog before creating something for them.

Exhibit B: While the dog can stretch out on a comfy, fluffy and large bed. The cats are stuck in a tray that barely fits one of them much less both of them together.

20101009 001

In our defense the tray is padded with a couple layers of fleece left over from various quilts. The cats, however, organized a strike in accordance with union rules. There will be no lap sitting or leg rubbing until their demands have been met.

With an empty, cold lap and a sad sad heart I set to work on making their royal highnesses happy.

20101030 024

The pattern is the better than a box pet bed from “One Yard Wonders” and the fabric is “Sew Now, Sew Wow” from Alexander Henry. I love this fabric and knew to make my cats happy I’d have to part with one of my favorite prints. I think the large design and bright colors are perfect for this project. The bed is my favorite project so far from “One Yard Wonders.” It’s unique design and functionality make it a perfect project. The most time consuming part was drawing the pattern pieces out on the fabric, the sewing itself is a breeze, then you stuff it and your done! The entire thing took less than an hour to make.

Of course the true test is the cats. I went and got Bear, thinking at best he would sniff it and move on (he hates to be put some place and usually runs off on principle alone). But he must really love this bed because he immediately laid down

20101030 008

and stayed there all afternoon.

For photgraphing purposes I put the bed on our kitchen table but the bed will permanently reside on a corner of my sewing table hopefully preventing my cats from feeling the need to lay down on one of my in progress piles of fabric. As I write this, Maggie, is currently napping on it 🙂 So I guess they both approve. it’s a good thing too, now that it is getting cold I’ll need a sweet kitty to curl up with me on the couch.

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20101027 007

I’m a huge fan of this quilt, it is definitely going to go up on my wall once it’s sandwiched and quilted.

20101027 008

I mentioned before that the quilt along isn’t picking up again until after Quilt Market so I went ahead and made my own back design. I knew I wanted something simple and graphic and I think this fits it perfectly.

20101027 005

Apparently my cat is a fan too…

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