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I didn’t have a plan for the size of this quilt. Instead I cut 90% of the fabric up and started playing around with the hexagons on the floor. Since I had dramatically different amounts of each fabric I stopped when I felt like I didn’t have enough variety to continue. Initially I was going to do something on the back of the quilt with the remaining hexagons but having pieced 5 rows together I have no desire to piece any more hexagons then necessary! The remaining hexagons will go into the scrap bin or be cut into squares for a pieced back.

Deer Valley Hexagons

Don’t get me wrong Y seams aren’t hard, the only real trick is stopping 1/4 inch from each edge when sewing them together. The problem is that doing so makes the process quite tediuos. Normally when piecing straight lines the rows go together quickly and the quilt picks up momentum but with Y seams and hexagons piecing the rows together is actually more time consuming then sewing the hexagons into a row.

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