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charging basket

Between my husband and I there are far too many little gadgets laying around. This simple basket is the perfect gift for the techie in your life.

They can consolidate their phone, IPOD, camera, wallet etc and charge things up without having cords running all over the place.

In the photo above the overall look is a little girly but done with solid blues, greens, or browns and it’s totally masculine. Check out the free tutorial by Oh Fransson here.

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free skirt pattern

I’ve made the Barcelona Skirt and a couple skirts from “Sew What Skirts” with great results but if you want a free and easy skirt tutorial check this one out.

The tutorial is free and is designed to be used with a twin sized flat sheet. You can find great deals on these at any big box store or you can check out local thrift stores for a cool vintage sheet like the one above.

Any woman in your life would be quite happy with this swinging skirt.

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Finally Moved In!

Fall Leaves, originally uploaded by Patch_Adams.

I’ve been quite remiss in blogging lately but I’ve been consumed by the move. I spent over a month slowly packing up the house and then had a mad dash the last two days to pack the remaining items (ie the kitchen and our clothes) up. Last Saturday was moving day and we had planned on having a moving truck, my father’s trailer, and my father to assist. What happened was that we woke up to cloudy and drizzling skies and my father calling to say he was running late. Hours late in fact, and he didn’t bring the trailer. We picked up our rental truck and started to load. It’s amazing how many boxes you don’t realize you have until you have to haul them out to a truck. We managed to get most of the boxes in the truck before our $20 an hour movers arrived to help with the heavy stuff. They cost us $90 total and were well worth it but the pace definitely slowed down after they arrived. My father finally arrived with his brother and the hand trucks. We managed to fill the entire moving truck up in 5 hours. The drive between our old house and our new apartment takes about two hours and it took another two hours to unload everything. We simply dumped stuff where it would fit and decided to sort it out later. We only had the rental truck for the day to Sunday we had to use our vehicles to haul the rest of our stuff to the new apartment. It took us two trips with two small SUVs and we still have stuff in the house! I plan on getting it out before doing our final walk through Thursday.

The past two days have been spent setting up the bedroom and kitchen. Everything else will slowly be sorted out over the next couple weeks. I don’t feel settled in yet but at least we have the move itself behind us. We will definitely have to downsize to fit into this apartment but I’m okay with that. Mostly because I know we will have to move again and I want to have as little stuff as possible!

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