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One of the reasons I haven’t posted in so long was that I was flitting from one project to the next without finishing anything! It was really frustrating for me because I’m someone that likes to focus on one or two projects and see them through to completion. If I’m going to put something to the side than I want to leave it to the side for months. And I really try to keep the number of projects I do that with to a minimum. Right now I have four quilts in limbo land….

But that’s the least of my worries. First I got into knitting, made it 2/3 of the way through a sweater and then ripped it all out- have I restarted? Ummm, no.

Then I got really into the idea of making clothes and got as far as purchasing some patterns, planning fabric and even buying fabric. I even got as far as cutting one set of pattern pieces out. I started with the intention of making a couple patterns from Simple Modern Sewing but they have put way to many patterns on only a couple sheets of paper. Since all the pattern lines are in black and they are all overlapping I can’t tell which lines go to which pattern. It REALLY frustrates me because I was really excited by this book and now I want nothing to do with it! I would gladly have paid extra to have a CD with individual patterns I could print out or for them to print the pattern lines in different colors or ANYTHING to make it possible to discern one set of lines from the other! So I switched gears and bought a couple Simplicity patterns but realized I’m drawn to patterns of clothing I don’t wear. I need clothes that I will wear and use. Enter the simple dress shirt pattern from Simplicity (I think…) I’ve cut most of the pattern pieces out and started a muslin but I can’t concentrate.

I finally realized I needed any easy project, something to express my creativity and gain a sense of accomplishment. But I didn’t want to start anything totally new (I have enough in progress projects at this point!) So I pulled out the fabrics I’ve been collecting to make a Christmas quilt. I’ve always intended to make a simple bowtie quilt. Since it’s soo easy it was the perfect project and I finished up this quilt top in a couple days :).

27 apr 12 015

I wanted it to be appropriate for Christmas but not to Christmasy. And for me my favorite thing about Christmas is the multi-colored lights. This quilt reminds me of those lights with all its bold colors.

27 apr 12 016

It features a few of my favorite Christmas fabrics but I won’t feel guilty or lazy if I leave it out for all of January and into February.

Ideally I would have made the back and really finished this quilt but I want to wait until Brrr by Laurie Wisbrun comes out and use that for the back.

Brrr! Quilt pieces

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You wouldn’t know it from the total lack of posting lately but I finished some older projects and started some new ones!

First up is my Modern Meadow two sided quilt. I designed it so that neither side was “the back.” While I love the mustard yellow its a very strong color and I wanted something to switch to if it got to be too much.

27 apr 12 008

I think the soothing aqua blue provides a nice counter balance.

27 apr 12 006

While a quilt can have two different personalities when it comes to the fabric and pattern it can only have one quilt design. That is the point where I stalled for months! I couldn’t decide which side I should base the quilting on and then I couldn’t decide how to quilt it…. Ultimately I quilted it with the circle even though I think the blue side will be up more often. I was drawn to the idea of concentric circles and I think it works well on both sides.

I actually did this on my home Janome 6600!

27 apr 12 009

I used my quater inch foot as a guide and went around and around and around. I won’t lie to you it was at times very frustrating to try and man handle the quilt, go around the circle and keep the stitching straight and even. But I love the results!

You can probably tell that this quilt has spent most of its life folded up. I started it to be a couch quilt for the winter but didn’t get it finished in time. Now its just too hot!

27 apr 12 011

Oh well we are ready for next year!

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